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    Small town mayor pushes winter sports complex that causes financial ruin?
    Holy shit — Sarah Palin is the real-life Ben Wyatt!

    I humbly suggest “Ice Town Clown Confounds” for future posts relating to this story.

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    I generally like Freddie’s blogging, but in this episode, he’s really losing the forest in the trees. You’re allowed to criticize Obama for drone strikes, not at least using a public option as a negotiating strategy for a better PPACA, etc. but most of the derision here and from the BJ/LGM writers lately has been aimed at the kind of “liberals” who took Conor Friedersdorf’s pimping of Gary Johnson as a jumping off point for suggesting Obama doesn’t deserve their vote because of [insert issue where Romney would be bad or worse].

    It’s not the anti-Obama rhetoric that leads to the derision, it’s the grandstanding about staying home or voting third party. When you have a platform (as well-read bloggers do) you shouldn’t be catapulting the propaganda that helps the other team win. Yes, that’s Manichean, but liberals didn’t design the two party first-past-the-post system, so you go to war with the candidate you have, not the one you might want.

    The idea that a bunch of nasty blog comments somehow proves that there’s no way to push Obama and the rest of the Democrats to do better on the issues is laughable.

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    Good lord, what a dreadful hour of television MSNBC has put together in the 3 o’clock hour. I hadn’t seen a second of this monstrosity until this clip, and it’s even worse than I’d imagined.

    Even if we set S.E. Cupp aside for a moment and focus on her co-hosts, it’s a blueprint for unwatchable television. Steve Kornacki’s very good as a “sleeps on the green room cot” guest on Maddow or O’Donnell, and often has interesting insight on campaigns beyond the horse race, but he lacks the chops to shepherd this shit show fail parade to respectability. Meanwhile, I don’t think Touré has communicated a single interesting thought during his hundreds of segments on other MSNBC shows, but he gets a hosting gig? Is MSNBC trying to be the Oprah of the cable news game? “You get a show! You get a show! Everybody gets a show!!!”

    Then there’s Krystal Ball. I get that MSNBC wants to give a break to a liberal that’s easier on the eyes for straight male viewers than Chris Matthews, but is this the best they could come up with? Alex Wagner is at least as attractive and probably ten times as bright as Ball. (Okay, she has her own show, but I think she would do much better with the multi-host “The View” setup than she does as a solo anchor in a bad time slot, and certainly better than Krystal God-Damn Ball.)

    As for Ms. Cupp, the commenters over at DarkSyde’s joint have it right: she’s a preening poseur playing the role of a wingnut’s idea of what an atheist is. The fact that MSNBC thinks she could ever make for watchable television is surprising only to those who forget that it’s the same network that makes its viewers suffer through three hours of Joe Fucking Scarborough every day.

    Oh well, at least we have our Rachel on weeknights and Hayes and Harris-Perry on weekends.

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    Charlie Pierce is wonderful on this.

  • You called “tails”? As in THE DEVIL??? Tesus shall smite you!

  • It’s Timmehtime!

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    I’ll just leave this here.

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    Hey, man, that’s how I plan on getting into heaven… Play in a weak division (the U. S. of A.), do the bare minimum to qualify for the postseason, and phone it in and the end, hoping to get in on tiebreakers. Certainly there’s a “sinned a lot, but felt really bad about it” tiebreaker somewhere in the Bible, right?

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    Praise be to the “record versus common opponents” tiebreaker, there will be MORE Te-Blood! A Tebowmas miracle!

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    The wingnuts are no doubt happy that Rep. Giffords can’t speak for herself right now, because they’re getting a lot of mileage out of her support for gun rights (if by “support” you mean “a D+ NRA rating”), which they take to mean that she’d support putting Glocks with extended magazines in the hands of every mentally ill resident of her district, you know, just in case things get violent.

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    dsidhe, I think you misunderstood the intent of my post, so I’ll go ahead and blame myself for editing it down for brevity late last night when I thought it was a bit too rambling and incoherent. I guess subtracting words doesn’t always lead to clarity. :)

    I happen to have a lot of mental illness running throughout my family, including in my own household. I think anyone with more than a handful of people they care about has encountered someone who’s been burdened by mental illness at some point in their life. When I said “team crazy”, I meant actively crazy to the point of doing something like this. Just like there’s potential and kinetic energy, there’s schizophrenia and paranoia that lay dormant until a triggering event or series of events turns the illness into something that harms others.

    What I intended to say is that there are many out there who have severe mental disorders, and the over-the-top rhetoric employed by the wingnuts has consequences, regardless of the political leanings of the perpetrator of the crimes. Erickson was trying to call into question whether the right wing has any culpability in this crime with their violent messaging, and my point was that even if it turns out this guy considered himself a far-left moonbat liberal (represent!) it’s the right who’s fostered a political environment where it’s considered okay by the mainstream to use gun sights and words like “RELOAD” in a political context.

    My use of “team crazy” was glib, and I apologize for that — but please don’t think I was trying to explain away these actions as simply a result of a mental disorder. Without the underlying mental disorder, I don’t think this kid gets to the point where he opens fire, but I think the violent, eliminationist rhetoric is what really turns this potential energy into an act of terrorism against a politician.

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    I think the picture we have coming into focus about this kid is that he didn’t seem to be playing for any team other than Team Crazy. At the same time, as you’ve illustrated very well, it’s clear which side has been using eliminationist rhetoric and violent imagery to their political advantage non-stop for several years, and which side ends up losing politically with even a passing reference to 60s radicals like Bill Ayers or the Black Panthers.

    Erickson’s attempt to keep the focus on the murky political leanings of the shooter is clever, but I don’t think anyone’s going to fall for it.