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  • I agree Karen, how quickly we forget and yes, we should practice your ‘no push’ in our everyday lives. I remember MLK and part of his ‘dream’ speech mentioned this country as the ‘greatest perpetrator of death the planet has ever known’ or something to that effect, hate is in us and aggression is in this nation (guns statistically record this). We need to realize the constitution is not a religious text and get busy amending it to reflect modern day life and then start building a society and culture of compassion and peace. It is hilarious when courts/lawyers try to determine what ‘the framers intended’!…you gotta be ….ing joking, please tell me it aint so.

  • It’s all a matter of degree surely, we can’t be too harsh on Obama when compared to the past old white fat rich guys who didn’t even broach some of these subjects.
    Obama I think is patient and has quickly learned Washington politics, he is also brilliant in his timing and for me has earned a place in history with his healthcare reform.
    Listening to NRP a few years ago, the interviewer had illegal immigrant farm workers describing their injuries due to local Long Island boys beating up on them, one guy with a horrific head injury came on and the interviewer asked the regular question, ‘what happened to your head’, the illegal immigrants response was ‘I was also beaten up’…. but it turns out not by the local guys but by the other undocumented who could not tolerate a gay man within them.
    A group of oppressed and victimized individuals who can in the blink of an eye forget their predicament and inflict on another exactly the same horror that they are experiencing.
    Hate is hate I thought, it’s in us, the black community needs to shake loose their learned hatred and not forget how not so long ago we were all very similarly treated.
    I can tell how the conversation misses a beat when the subject is brought up, black men especially have to remember to switch gear into political correctness, it does not come automatically, there’s a little pause until the new cog engages!

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