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    I have read that Russia’s intent in making Crinea part of Ukraine was to have a counterbalance in Ukraine against the Ukrainian nazis who had supported Hitler in his attack against Russia.

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    True to form,thanks for your typical warmest rhetoric If you cannot argue the facts, then first, make the appeal to authority – over 13,000 papers, then straight to the ad hominem — corporate propagandist shills and suicidal lemmings. You are losing the argument globally — Germany and Spain rolling back the green power nonsense, Australia votes in a new government to kill the carbon tax that had been foisted on them. Obama’s climate change agenda is dead in the water. But don’t worry about global warming, the quiet sun is bringing us global cooling now.

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    So rather than discuss the substance of the question, i.e. whether Mann’s work was fraudulent, considering the facts at hand, you exhibit an all too common warmist true believer response of ad hominem attack, with the sophomoric attempt to link questions about the theory of anthropogenic climate change, to intelligent design, christianity, etc. You forgot to include how people who question the global warming consensus are like holocaust deniers…. you know the usual insult, Climate change deniers. As if the so-called science supporting the theory of CO2 induced climate change had any actual evidence behind it unlike evolution which has been so clearly demonstrated. Sooner or later you have to face the facts — CO2 keeps going up, but temperatures have stopped climbing, and none of the IPCC models predicted this or can explain it.

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    And in the meantime, in the real world, temperatures have not risen significantly for fifteen years; we have record low tornado and hurricane activity; and arctic ice now is 60% greater in extent than it was one year ago. The sun is getting much quieter, and history shows that the globe cools when this happens. [...]

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    Those of us who live in the west need to do what our grandfathers and generations before have done — develop new water supply for the arid west. The next challenge for us is to build the North American Water and Power Alliance project, NAWAPA. This great engineering works would divert 20% of the flows [...]

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    One of the greatest evils is the “green” mandate that causes a large percentage of the US corn crop to be converted to ethanol to be burned in automobiles. This makes no environmental sense, and it has caused the price of corn to skyrocket. This in turn raises the cost of all poultry, eggs, beef, pork etc. This green mandate that was foisted on us by the crazies directly kills the poorest people in the world for whom increased food prices mean starvation. What an anti- human genocidal policy!

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    Solar and wind power are very expensive per kwh delivered to the consumer. If you compare actual production (as opposed to rated capacity) per $ invested – operating/fuel costs plus amortization of capital, isn’t it true that natural gas is two, three or more times less costly than solar photovoltaic?

  • Sounds good to me. Maybe he can expedite our ability to frack the Monterey Shale in California. We could use some of those high paying oil production jobs here like they have in North Dakota where they have the lowest unemployment rate in the country. We need to put people back to work with real [...]

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    Accessing this shale oil will be a great boon for Californa. Our industrial base has decayed terribly and unemployment is very high… we need to develop this oil and put people back to work. The crazy greens in Sacramento have burdened us with mandates to pay 10 times as much for electricity from these insane [...]

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    So are you saying CO2 is poison like arsenic? I suppose that kind of ill-informed comment is easier than addressing the substance of the issue.

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    Most people understand that CO2 is a trace natural gas, source of all plant growth, and the product of respiration of all animals. It is sophistry, pure and simple, to equate CO2 with toxic air emissions such as particulates, mercury, etc. You are intentionally trying to confuse people to think that CO2 is dangerous like the toxins that cause lung disease. Fortunately, the average person understands when he is being propagandized. By the way, average global temperatures have not increased for fifteen years; the climate computer models cannot explain this as CO2 has continued to rise while temperatures have not.

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    Yes, the sun is cooling and that is why there has been no global warming for the last sixteen years.

  • I believe that a number of the solutions to California’s problems do not lie with taxing and spending at the state level. We need to use the federal government to create long term low cost credit for investment in development projects that will increase the real economic productivity of the economy. We need to restore Glass Steagall to protect the community banking function from the depradations of the Wall Street investment banks, to get credit flowing to productive enterprise as opposed to speculative ventures. We need to build new natural gas fueled electrical power plants to lower the cost of energy in the state. We need to junk the greenhouse gas regulations that increase the cost of manufacturing in California while providing no meaningful benefit in the way of climate change mitigation. Most importantly, we need to build great water projects to bring water from Alaska and the Yukon to the great plains of Canada and the US, the southwest, the intermountain west and California. The North American Water and Power Alliance project (NAWAPA) was conceived and designed in the 1960s, promoted by President Kennedy, and the plans have sat on the shelf since then. Building NAWAPA would put four million people to work, and it would require mobilization and training of the undereducated and underemployed youth of today, just as was done by FDR in the great depression. Think of the impact that the federal investment in NASA had on the quality of education in the 1960s. We need to keep in mind that it was government investment in great water projects – the California State Water Project, the federal Central Valley project, the Colorado River project – that have made it possible for 30+ million people to live in California today. We need to replicate this investment for our children and grandchildren.

  • The top income tax rate in California is 10.55%. Only Oregon and Hawaii have a higher top income tax rates at 11%. California’s personal income tax rates are among the highest in the nation, and our schools are among the nation’s worst. What makes you think that approving higher taxes as Prop 30 proposes will actually improve our schools? Contrary to the political propaganda, there are no assurances that the money raised by Prop 30 would go to the schools. How is it that other states with lower taxes have better schools? If you look at the history of our state there is no evidence that raising personal income tax rates will solve our problems in California. I agree that we need to fix the public infrastructure in our state, but I would argue that in the absence of other reforms, there is no reason to trust that the legislature will spend the money competently.

  • Voters simply do not trust the democratic legislature in California to spend their tax dollars wisely. Sacramento is widely perceived to be controlled by the public employee unions, and there have been no serious steps taken to reform public pensions. Many public employees in California in general pay only a small part, if any, of their own contribution to retirement. The renewable power requirements that the legislature has imposed on our state mean that instead of building new gas fired electric plants to capitalize on today’s incredibly low cost of natural gas, our utilities are mandated to spend ratepayers’ dollars on boondoggle solar power arrays in the desert and windmills, with some of the costliest electric power in the country. All this in the name of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, which has negligible impact on global emissions as China and developing countries increase their own emissions. We are living off the great investments in water supply, freeway, and university infrastructure that was built by our fathers’ generation. We are now reaping what we have sown by not investing in new great projects for the benefit of our grandchildren. California was the golden state in the 1950s and 1960s, and we have lost this due to the incompetency of our leadership, both democratic and republican, in Sacramento. Brown was a poor governor thirty years ago, and he is doing a poor job again today. Why should we give Sacramento more money to spend when they have acted so incompetently for years?

  • Many people agree we cannot support either Obama or Romney. But the altenative green party has a deep flaw embedded in its program, and that is the low energy green investment plan into solar and wind boondoggles, which serve only to increase the cost of electricity. We need an alternative pro growth pro development program to build great infrastructure projects. We need to rebuild the locks and dams on the Mississippi river and it’s tributaries. We need to build the North American Water and Power Alliance to bring water from Alaska and the Yukon down the Rocky Mountain trench to the great plains of Canada and the US, the inter mountain west, the southwest and Mexico. This project was conceived and designed fifty years ago — see NAWAPA.

    Our forefathers had the vision and the will to build the great water and power projects which transformed the real economic productivity of America. As John Kennedy said, when dedicating one of these great western dam projects, we need to build this today for the benefit of our grandchildren. This same imperative is directed to us today.

    Unfortunately, the green party fails because it’ is ideologically opposed to great physical development projects. Contrary to the green program, we must increase our ability to manage the distribution of water in north America to manage the impact of drought and support our growing population.

    Who will advocate today for renewal of the great water projects, which have made possible the growth and existence today of the western United States?

  • This is no substitute for reinstating Glass Steagall and breaking up the big banks. Greater capital requirements could be a helpful step, but it does not get at the root of the problem. We must reorganize the derivatives gambling debt and toxic assets on the big banks’ balance sheets, and re-create a clean break between investment banks and commercial banks. Until the big banks are broken up, and until we protect commercial banking (loans to businesses and consumers) from investment banking gambling, we will not see a recovery in real investment.

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    First stop the foolish conversion of corn to ethanol. Then we need to build the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA). This great infrastructure project, originally conceived and designed in the Kennedy years, would bring water from Alaska south along the Rocky Mountain trench to the arid west and the great plains. Building this project would put 4 million people to work, and it would make a great leap in the real physical economy of the United States and Canada. Not only would irrigated crop lands expand, but the new water introduced to the center of the continent would increase rainfall as the water is evapotranspired. This is the long term solution to the catastrophic droughts that repeatedly visit the US.

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    The only way to take back our government is to reinstate Glass Steagall rules to separate commercial banking from the predatory investment banks. This is a necessary first step. There are now 70 bipartisan sponsors of Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s H.R. 1489 bill to reinstate Glass Steagall.

  • She was such a great hero for so many millions of Americans.
    I remember how excited and happy we were when she flew the space shuttle.

    Thinking back on Sally Ride and her accomplishments, if you compare those years to our present situation it shows how much we have declined as a nation in our commitment to advancing humanity and traveling to the moon and mars. We need leaders who can rekindle the commitment of our country to accomplish great projects of science and exploration. It is our human destiny to explore and know the galaxy.

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