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    Daniel Ellsberg, Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, David Swanson, Medea Benjamin, Mike Malloy and over a hundred others were arrested in front of the White House today to protest President Obama’s torture of Bradley Manning

    You are brave, fearless souls and I salute you. Let’s do this every year so we can plan on it! So I can be there next year! Momentum is crucial.

    Be safe in the Quantico area.

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    Thank you for this! I wanted to be there but could not get time off. I am disgusted by ObamaHolder INC & the military for treating a whistleblower in this manner! The BushCheny Crime Syndicate has succeeded in twisting & corrupting every American institution, including & especially the military. Their going along with the two illegal wars without so much as a protest until they were safely retired speaks to the degradation of the military leadership. The dramatic increase of the use of private contractors & mercenaries is an equally clear indication that are government has been corrupted to the very top. ObamaHolder Inc has successfully achieved continuity with the gaggle of thieves, liars & cheats of the BushCheney Crime Syndicate.

    Keep Mike Malloy safe! He is an important teller of truth to the fascists currently locked in an endeavor to subvert our little experiment in democracy into a totalitarian state!

    Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

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    First, pad all the cells in GUANTANAMO. Then round all these nuts up& try them for TREASON. Then send them to Guantanamo. Hellofalot more humane than what we did to their predecessors, THE TORIES and the SLAVING TRAITORS OF THE SOUTH!

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    Obama is a liar & a complete gut-punching disappointment. I threw his fucking shoes @ W. I would never, repeat, never vote for a gd Cant (repugnicant), nutsack tbagger OR a spineless bs “libertarian!” Taking back the DEM Party from the DLC DINOs is probably gonna b the best way unless a NEW PARTY emerges.

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    Murderous Banksters & BigBizz CEOs should be paid salaries in relation to the workers’ salaries of countries to which they off-shored American jobs.

  • This is disturbing on so many levels. I am getting overwhelmed by the brutality that has been the dirty little secret unveiled by thousands of brave souls willing to put their very lives on the line in order to get our corrupt press to do their fucking jobs!

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    In my view and especially after the last deficit increasing tax break it is the filthy rich laying back& taking it easy in spoiled brat Ryan’s” hammock!”

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    Oh Harry, you imbecile. McConnell is a LIAR like ALL Republicans, taggers. You remind me of a certain president…

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    I am in total agreement with your statement. It is now obvious that the DLC triangulating DINOs have utterly infiltrated the Dem Party leadership. This is why the Dem Party now only offers the worst of the worst corporatists like Obama and the Hillary for candidates that we wind up having to vote for just [...]

  • Wouldn’t it be great to have Ryan & the rabid female thing give their responses while being in the old school stocks (you know, you put the misbehaved’s head & hands in holes). Every time they lie or say something inhumane or psycho someone would then throw rotten tomatoes at them until they would tell the truth and be civil actual human beings. A nice paddle would be available tlo take care of the other end if theyreally get evil!

    I like the idea of stocks. Non violent, shaming, attitude adjusters!

  • Amen to that!

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    Comcast has been a den of thieves & criminals from its very inception, if my memory serves me. Wasn’t it started by a father son team that were indicted and forced out? Well Obama INC! Doesn’t have to worry about criticism from from a major tv (actual) journalist anymore! How convenient for that sniveling DLC [...]

  • Jon Walker, your capsulization of what it be is terrific! I have gone a bit farther. I think “conservative democrats” an oxymoron. They are stealth gutless Republicants hiding behind the party getting paid off by the same hustlers paying off the Cants. I think Dems in rank & file need to purge anyone having anyone to do with the DLC including OBAMA! We have NOTHING to lose @ this point, absolutely nothing. Smarmy Clintons and the whole lot of them. Harold Ford, McAuliffe, Kaine:ALL OF THEM! True Dems will have labor and the gutless Indies more or less. Time to shake our tree of its dirty rotten apples. Obama has been using these Cants as a foil to carry out his real agenda of strippng down the middle class & poor as is exhibited by the right wing bs deficit commission which is only to provide him cover to rob social security and medicare. He is not a Democrat.

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    Big Brother’s been hiding in the bushes and he’s got a hardon for our democracy & Constutional rights of free speech and privacy!

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    My one-eyed Gorgon Stare requires servicing by a Christianist Air Force warmonger. Got suction, you moron? DADTs been repealed, no worries! What twisted geeks name something like that??!!

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    So well said! We now seem to be entering the realm of the hyperabsurd where many levels of politics and government are so utterly rife with corruption and lies that digging us out of this pit easily inspires a high level of despair & hopelessness. To be an American on the search for jutice, freedom of speech, peace etc is not for the feint of heart and may prove to be a dangerous journey.

  • SPOT FUCKING ON, Jon Walker! “Drunk monkeys” is too kind. Snivelling psychopaths hellbent on destroying democracy & the middle class & murdering & enslaving the poor in order make a buck! The table needs turning over!

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    Nutsack Tbaggers and the wacko right wing fascists now glomming on to our glorious little experiment in democracy are a direct product of Reagan’s destruction of our education system. This is proof that an educated electorate is an enemy of their oligarchal tyranny. These revisionists are reversing the strides made in racial equality and replacing [...]

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    ~~~EDITED IN MODERATION~~~ What do you fucking think most people in this country were? Indentured servants, penal colony criminals & slaves, ~~~EDITED IN MODERATION~~~. Why don’t you go read some books ~~~EDITED IN MODERATION~~~

    ~~~ModNote: Attack the message, not the messenger. Otherwise your comments are subject to moderation.~~~

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