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  • trayNTP commented on the blog post Gang of Six Proposal Emerges

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    “Gang of Six” = more political theater.

    They all think you’re dumb enough swoon over a catchy name.

    End the Bush tax cuts for the rich like most Americans want.
    End these expensive wars like most Americans want.

    Until that’s all a significant part of the discussion, quit wasting people’s time with press conferences.

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    How many emails is Obama going to send out mobilizing his supporters from 2008 in all 50 states to pressure their Senators vote to confirm Cordray because the CFPB is that important?

    If he doesn’t try to mobilize them, then whether he’s confirmed and whether the CFPB is fully functional by the time his first term is over, really isn’t all that important to him (see his 2008 election/2012 re-election for an example of how he acts when something is important to him).

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    I completely misread that comment I responded to. This FDL layout is throwing off my eyes, and brain.

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    Voters in 2008 did the same thing they always do. They voted for the candidate who received the greatest corporate media promotion. Obama got more corporate money (than anyone ever) and more Wall Street money (than anyone else in 2008), and as a result, the corporate-owned, market-focused media gave him overwhelmingly positive coverage (65% positive network coverage for Obama compared to 34% positive for McCain according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs).

    Voters didn’t make a wise decision. They followed orders (propaganda), as usual.

    Not saying I’d rather have McCain as President, but only idiots believe they’re the ones who chose Obama as opposed to big money and its ability to indoctrinate the masses.

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    Want to see something dumb? Check this out the dumbest Obamabot comment ever:

    “Oh, please! Don’t try to make it sound like all the other presidents didn’t do the same thing! and until you or Mr. Reich sit in the chair that every president sits in, your opinions are moot.”

    Get this? 1. Your opinion only matters if you’ve been President, which means that Bush’s opinions do and other than Obama, Bush, Bush, and Clinton, nobody else in the US can critique the President…2. unless you do something yourself, you can’t possibly really know anything about it…3. Robert Reich has never been inside an Oval Office before, or sat in the President’s chair (which I’m sure most cabinet members have done just to fantasize.

    Wow, that is literally the DUMBEST Obamabot comment I’ve ever seen.

    It was in response to this one:

    “I don’t think I agree Mr. Reich. Obama may or may not care about the struggles of the vanishing middle class, but he does care about re-electio­n”.

    The 2nd comment was cynical, but not all that “critical” of Obama. Not enough to send that Obamabot over the edge like it did.

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