• Chicken Shit, that’s what you’d call him.

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    The reality is that the system is so corrupt that no matter what you do or who gets elected, nothing changes.

    The problem isn’t the people in the system, the problem is the system itself.

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    Goebbels and Goering were right. A frightened populace is an easily controlled populace. Keep them scared and you can get them to do anything, including voluntarily giving away their rights and freedoms.

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    If the screws-loose wannabe jihadis want to go fight for the IS, let them. I’m sure their fearless leaders over there figure they can stop a bullet as well as anyone. Why try to keep them here to work out their violent fantasies?

    Side point: I’ve never bought in to many conspiracies or their first cousins, false flag operations. Oh, I’m sure dirty tricks and nefarious deeds happen all the time. But these vast, intricate conspiracies involving dozens, if not hundreds of people pulling off a highly coordinated operation and keeping it under wraps afterward? Seriously? You can’t get six people in your office to decide on what pizza to order for lunch or pull off a surprise party for the boss. I’m not naive; I’m a skeptic at heart and my BS Meter is finely tuned. What people don’t want to accept is Occam’s rusty, trusty Razor that basically says that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. People want to believe in some big arcane cover-up going on about virtually everything.
    I also believe people love to talk and can’t keep their big yaps shut. Further, that someone always sees something. There are too many cameras in too many places to keep anything under wraps for long. Somebody always drinks or smokes too much and brags to their girlfriend/boyfriend/cousin/brother/mother/best buddy. Real life is a lot messier than TV or the movies.

  • That’s like Lance Armstrong saying, “If I can control the medication process, I can win the Tour de France again.”

  • The mindset of the Chinese ruling class has not changed in thousands of years. Basically, it’s the privileged and everyone else who serve them. Just like in the U.S.

  • So, the Banksters collectively replied to The Fed, “Stop! Man, you’re killing us. For a minute there, we almost thought you were serious.”

  • For an organization that’s been historically rife with gays and buggery of all sorts, you’d think they’d embrace the change wholeheartedly. But then again, it would require too much honesty.

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    I’ve never seen a society so fixated on pointless crap as in the U.S. Regularly ignores real threats and dangers, yet craps and wets their pants over nothing. Takes no action on things that can be prevented or mitigated, but willing to do anything to slay The Phantom.

    Jesus was spot on, in a different context, when he said, “They swallow camels, but choke on gnats.”

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    The problem with Democrats is they’ve been trying so much to be like Republicans that voters can’t really tell the difference anymore. So, they figure *meh*; six of one, a half-dozen of they other.

    The Dems haven’t produced (yeah, I know; it’s because of the TGOPers, yadda-yadda) so voters figure, what the heck, let’s try the Idiot Party, they might do something.

  • Well, ‘DUH’. There is no virtue in stating the obvious. He was playing to his constituents; Wall Street. He knew going in what he was going to do, no one forced him. Assholes worship and serve money and assholes rise to the top.

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    I worked as a Programmer/Analyst from 1980 until I retired in late ’95. I went through my initial training in the second half of ’79, when the Apple PC first appeared. My experience was on mainframes, huge CDC Cyber series and IBM machines. I dabble in PCs and built and maintained my own PC and [...]

  • What a load of crap. I live in Princeton, Minnesota. Here’s a breakdown of what I pay for gas and electric. Gas from CenterPoint Energy. Bill last month was $21.77 total. Here’s the breakdown: Basic charge $8.00 Delivery charge (pipeline) $2.94 Decoupling adjustment (WTF?) $.05 Gas Affordability PRG (WTF2?) $.08 Sales tax (WTF3?) $1.40 Interim [...]

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    Won’t work. Why? Because when the TGOP’s methods inevitably fail, they will say it was because they were undermined by the Democrats and weren’t given a fair chance. The Democrats will argue facts vs. dogma, the voting rubes will believe the dogma, and on it goes.

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    Thanks for the response and links.

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    I’ve seen the statement ‘taxes at the federal level do not fund government, rather they are a curb to inflation’, or words to that effect.

    If that is the case, how IS government funded? And exactly how are taxes used to regulate inflation?

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    All this does is recruit new enemies to kill. Just replenishing the stock.

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    And why would the Israelis want to do anything when they have the U.S. to do all the dirty work, pay for it, and take the heat for it? The U.S. is the Israeli’s lap-dog. They have the U.S.’s balls in a Dixie cup on BiBi’s desk.

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    Short take: The whole terror threat has always been and is BS.

  • Funny, but I haven’t seen anything on the national news yet about all this. I check tonight and see what ‘in-depth coverage’ there is.

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