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    The disclosure of fracking chemicals is protected as a trade secret. How can the government grant liability release for a reclaimed frack well when there could be an undisclosed toxic chemical contamination on the site (or still in the ground)? There are over 1200 abandoned frack wells in Wyoming alone (if fracking is a viable [...]

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    “The simplest argument is that wages are set by the market, and any attempt to interfere is evil, or at least bound to fail.”

    Large banks get $83 billion/year subsidy:

    This is equal to their annual profit – no market interference there.

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    “Doctors in the United States earn more than twice as much on average as their counterparts in other wealthy countries.”

    The docs I know would not recommend going into medicine – very unhappy – especially those in primary care.

    The AMA keeps the specialists salaries high.

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    Another eight years of Whitewater investigations – although I don’t think Lindsey Graham will be as interested in Hillary’s girly-parts as he was in Bill’s manhood.

  • The Sagebrush Rebellion (80′s) was an effort to get the Feds to sell the land they owned to (wealthy) private individuals.

    The F-150 “cowboy” types out west supported this sale (get rid of the Feds) until they realized that, once in private hands, they could be excluded or charged to use the formerly Fed property.

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    Friedman once observed that countries that each have a McDonald’s never go to war with each other.

    “Is the West serious or not about facing off against Russia?” – in other words; Will the Neocon’s follow their failed ideology and risk reducing D.C. to radioactive ashes?

    The Neocon mantra – sure,it hasn’t worked yet, but only because we haven’t done enough of it.

    America needs to fire everyone in the State Dept., except those that process visas and passports; reduce the Army to 10% it’s current size; and, make it profitable for weapons manufacturers to make solar panels and wind turbines instead of bombs.

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    10% of the US military is useful for defense.

    90% is necessary for empire.

  • The entire rationale for US foreign policy may be wrong. Ivan Eland, No War for Oil, points out that: Oil has been deemed a “strategic” commodity. The word “strategic” has come to mean a product so vital to American society that government allegedly must step in, even to the point of war, to ensure adequate [...]

  • From Moon of Alabama:


    Fascist Ukrainian Defense Minister’s War Orders Defied

    The fascist new defense minister of Ukraine ordered to start a war but was disobeyed. He says that is “regrettable.”

    Not found this in any English language news yet but several German media reports mention this (my translation from FAZ) :

    Meanwhile it became clear that the commanders of Ukrainian warships on the Crimea defied orders from the provisional government in Kiev to use their arms. The Ukrainian minister of defense Ihor Tenyukh said on Sunday in Kiev, Russia managed “despite orders to all commanders to use weapons” to take over the ships. “Regrettably” the commanders decided themselves on how to proceed, he said.
    Tenyugh is a member of the fascist Svoboda party that took part in the February 21 coup against the legitimate Ukrainian government. His legally dubious order to shoot at Russian troops in a rather hopeless situation could have easily started a larger war.

    My deep gratitude to all those Ukrainian commanders who defied the lunatic order to start a hot war with Russia and allowed a peaceful handover of their equipment to Russian forces.

  • RT is a state funded news broadcast.

    CNN reports as if it were a state funded news broadcast.

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    Bush or Obama – America gets the same foreign policy.

    America needs a referendum – Do we want to continue spending trillions of dollars causing chaos, death & destruction in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine, or;

    Spend those trillion dollars on America’s infrastructure, renewable energy (eliminating fossil fuels), education, health care, living wages and secure retirements.

  • Franklin’s mother should have left him locked in the trunk of the car:

    “Once, he was so bad,” Gigi recalls, “Mother locked him in the trunk of our car. When we stopped for hamburgers, people were shocked when she opened the trunk, asked Franklin what he wanted, then closed it again.”


    Evangelicals know that Mormons (who believe they will become gods) will burn in hell for this belief.

    That didn’t stop Franklin or Billy from endorsing Mitt for president and removing an article from Billy’s website that labeled Mormonism a cult:



    Concerning Christian martyrs:

    “Christians were never,” Moss writes, “the victims of sustained, targeted persecution.”


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    “[Russia] … it’s a nation that is really only dependent upon oil and gas for their economy”.

    That would be every nation on Earth.

    If the USA economy is not dependent upon oil then the transition to renewables should be easy.

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals could develop guidelines for PETA “Certified Ethical Milk”.

    This might include: transparency, public dairy tours, inspections and webcams.

    Those milk producers that meet the guidelines would get to use the PETA logo on their milk carton.

    Would the dairy industry even exist in Idaho without government subsidy?

    I read years ago that the potato industry would not be there but for the water-works (dams) the government built.

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    “There are several paragraphs about changes in language, traffic flows, and housing prices in DC compared with St. Louis.”

    It would be interesting to see an economic comparison between DC and St. Louis.

    There is something wrong with an economy when the most prosperous city in the land is it’s capital.

    More money can be made investing in DC to get a government handout than in doing something productive in a place like St. Louis (which should be an industrial powerhouse) – this sounds so third-world(ish).

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    “… the conclusion that there is a culture of non-accountability when it comes to the readiness of our nuclear arsenal. But where, oh where could the USAF have learned that?”

    Oh, maybe America’s best MBA programs, which did thousands of case studies of Enron and had no-clue (including Harvard, which had an Enron endowed professor).

    Or, the entire economics profession which had no-clue that the largest financial collapse of their lives would occur in 2008 (after only a decade of warning).

    Or, the entire mathematics profession which watched the statisticians on Wall Street create a new math that justified creating risk-free CDO’s = gold from many tiny pieces of crap.

    Or, the media which allowed obvious lies to take America into $6 trillion failures called Afghanistan and Iraq.

    It’s not just the Air Force, America’s institutions are failing …

    Now, why was it Rome faided away?

  • Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton hires neocon Victoria Nuland, Dick Cheney’s former adviser, to be spokesperson for the State Department.

    President Hillary (2016) will fill appointments with former neocon-Bushies.

    John Kerry keeps Nuland on at State in a promotion to Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

    Either Omama is inept or he is simply allowing the neocons, that have infiltrated the US government, to demonstrate their failed policy (eg. Lybia, Syria as well as Iraq & Afghanistan) in the hope an elite consensus finally evolves to change US foreign policy because we can’t afford the neocon ideology anymore.

    Obama was visibly nervous when threatening to attack Syria (Syria’s chemical weapons were a threat to the US – ha, ha) and seemed relieved once Putin pull his rear-end out of that.

    On the TV now, Obama appears to be “going through the motions” with respect to Ukraine – his heart just doesn’t appear in it.

    John Kerry has lost it – the itty-bitty attack on Syria and now the “peaceful” protesters in the Maiden. I don’t recall Kerry standing up for Occupy.

    Maiden revolt – an out-of-power political party partners with an unelectable, neo-nazi party to throw the elected PM out of office.

    It’s as if the Republicans joined forces with the Tea Party to run Obama out of office.

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    Israeli’s Benjamin Netanyahu will look for a solution to the Israel-Palestine dispute with a view on the Belgium-Holland border.

    Try looking at Roman Empire.

    Every two Roman soldiers were given one loaf of bread each day as rations – the one loaf had to be cut in half. In order to eliminate arguments about the size of each half, one soldier would slice the bread in-half and the other would get to choose which “half” he wanted – this would result in a fair split of the bread.

    Why doesn’t the civilized world tell Netanyahu to divide Israel in half and then let the Palestinians chose which “half” they want?

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    David Cameron: Vladimir Putin has to do much more to reduce tension in the Ukraine

    Now may be a good time to ask Cameron about Northern Ireland.

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