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  • “…They are willing to use their own air force against people in their country. They are willing to take to take orders from the US government and attack any “militant hideouts” that the US government might want hit if the US government will only stop violating their sovereignty routinely through drone strikes. Extrajudicially, they are willing to assassinate individuals who may be Pakistani citizens.”

    And they were willing to join us in the hunt for Osama bin Laden — and then we found him hiding within walking distance of their premier military training facilities. Frankly, I don’t believe a word they say.

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    This will make crowd control and the harassment of protestors much more efficient. We’ll look back at the days when real cops had to shoot ex-Marines in the head with a tear gas canister as being so quaint.

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    It’s the latest style from Salon d’Trump

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    Comcast is as right wing as the Murdoch empire.

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    The last thing Brian Williams wants is to be disinvited from all those White House parties under the Gingrich administration. Those appetizers are bitchin’! He cherishes all those Christmas cards too.

  • My question:

    Mr. President, who are the top three campaign donors who have the most profound impact on your policy decisions?

  • Well, then, certainly Eric Holder is hot on the case of Dick Cheney and his co-conspirators who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame who was working counter-proliferation in Iran.

    Right, Mr. President?

  • Total war? It’s about damn time. I’m in.

  • Ben and Tim are going to have a pray-off if it goes to overtime.

  • It would be well to remind those playing the “abomination” card that it’s also an abomination to eat shrimp and lobster. This begs the question: is one abomination worse than another, and if so, how can one tell the difference?

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    The last thing a GOPer wants is a government that actually works.

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    “Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) explains why there was no deal.”

    Uhh…yeah. Right. As if he knows, or if he does, will actually tell us the truth.

    With him and Baucus on the committee, it’s a blessing that they didn’t cut a deal.

  • Indeed — if we couldn’t get it done with a bicameral supermajority, the White House, and upwards of 75% of the public in favor of a public option, it’s clear its absence was a matter of choice. Republicans accomplished more with a minority in both Houses.

  • Mayor Bloomberg, I don’t begrudge you for siding with the wealthy. There’s a reason you’re a Republican, and that’s fine. That’s America.

    But if you fancy taking this up as some sort of personal crusade of yours, may I respectfully advise against it?

    Now is not the time for billionaires to flaunt their power. Trust me on this. There’s no good in it for you. Even if Ms. Talyor shuts your tap off, just ride it out, man. Don’t let Woody do the thinking for you and pull a Janet Reno.

    Because if you do, there’s no tellin’ where it stops. People are pissed, man, and if you don’t get it by now, you should.

    Instead, if you were smart, you’d join up with Warren Buffet and call for ending welfare for the wealthy as we know it. You’ll still be filthy stinking rich, and you’ll be a hero, not a dog. You’ll be revered, not despised.

    Think about it, Mr. Mayor. Think about it.

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    As I write, our President is explaining to the assembled masses in Michigan that no, the jobs program for South Korea, Colombia, and Panama is actually a good thing for working folks, you know, like WalMart is good for them because it provides goods at those famous low, low prices. But fear not, ye displaced worker, [...]

  • We are being brutalized by our opponents and our own party. So much of that is, I think they look at him, because of his faith.

    Given that Perry’s church brands his political opponents Romney and Huntsman as cult members, so I’d say this statement displays a peculiarly revolting mix of Bushian hubris and Rovian calling-the-kettle-black.

    That’s the way these cowpokes roll.

    I’m surprised Perry isn’t doing better, for we know from life’s experience that the only qualifications to be a Republican Presidential candidate are to act as stupid as the electorate and follow orders from their corporate masters.

    Democrats are of course just the opposite: instead, they require acting professorial and following orders from their corporate masters.

    No wonder we’re at such lagerheads.

  • “The God these “Values Voters” serve is a cross between J. R. Ewing from Dallas and Alexis Carrington Colby from Dynasty.”


    Or perhaps Mammon crossed with the spirit of televangelist Tammy Faye Baker.

  • Isn’t it wonderful! George Bush invested well over a trillion of our tax dollars not to mention untold human death and suffering to bring freedom to Muslims halfway around the planet, Muslims who are otherwise reviled by the same right who orchestrate Mosque burnings here at home.

    And now, lo and behold, the Iraqis have taken him up on the offer. This is akin Obama chiding us that with his election the fight wasn’t over but just beginning and so to stick with him and fight, and then dressing us down when we took him up on that offer. Funny how that works.

    It’s a purple finger in the eye to the oil-igarchy who expected to make Iraq our 51st state, if in occupation only. How they could expect any different response when no Iraqi family hasn’t suffered a loss since the invasion?

    They want us out, and we want us out, so I guess the only people who don’t I’m guessing are oil companies and Southern Baptists looking to conduct a conversion spree. Who else might have an interest that we not pull out? Why do we hesitate?

    It only goes to show: be careful for what you wish. The best laid plans of corporate interests and their armed enforcers often go awry. But we know that government does not respond to the will of its people, so expect Obama to circumvent this somehow.

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