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    TPP goes even further than NAFTA and other agreements by essentially bypassing democracy and turning over legal decision making power to corporate boardrooms and organizations.

    So if TPP passes can we just layoff all the judges and politicians since they will no longer be needed? Hey maybe they can spin it as off shoring our goverment?

  • This is not about protecting us from terrorist or foreign threats. Anyone who thinks so is being delusional.

    There is a line from the movie V for Vendetta “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” They are afraid of us. Any of us who may step forward and challenge the status quo.

    What surprises me is that these so called masters of the universe are not concerned that it can and will be used on them. They are playing a zero sum game where everyone is trying to be king of the hill but there is only room at the top for one. Corporations spen billions to protect their trade secrets – but are they safe? Mr. Buffet, Mr. Gates, Mr. Dimon, who is buying your information without your knowledge? Apple has a new top secret hot product in the works – is it secret? Who is reading their internal e-mails and listening to their phone calls?

    Their is talk in Congress again of building walls and fences, using drones to protect our borders. The question is do they really want to keep illegals out or do they want to keep us in?

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    that the lesser people get the karma they deserve for not having been more productive during their working lives

    What they really mean is that the lesser people did not lie, cheat, steal and do what ever needed to get ahead. You need to be a sociopath to get ahead in today’s America.

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    I no longer refer to them as Pro-Life. They are Pro-Birth, once out of the womb, the child is on its own.

  • I have been making the argument for the last several years that it was the legacy New Deal programs such as Social Security, Medicare, FDIC insurance and Unemployment insurance which did more to keep us out of an even deeper depression than the so called stimulus that was passed in Obamas first year. We cut those programs and we will not have a double dip recession, we will have a repeat of the Great depression.

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    That is exactly what I meant. When they walk into the job guaranteed to leave rich because of there signing bonus and golden parachute, where is the incentive to actually, you know, make the company better? All they care about is how much they can loot before they leave. I feel that you can judge [...]

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    So why is it that if the teachers strike for better working conditions and pay they are called greedy. Yet if a CEO whines about his inadequate multi million dollar bonus and we call them out on it, we are punishing success? I would be interested to see an aggregate failure rate of teachers to [...]

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    The view of shareholder value as corporations’ primary objective has dominated since the 1980s.

    This is great propaganda spewed by the CEO class. The truth is they only have two priorities:
    1. How much money they can suck out of the corporation they allegedly run before the leave – willingly or otherwise.

    And in a distant second:

    2. The shareholder value of the top 1% of shareholders in the corporation.
    Those who could possibly bring pressure on them.

  • Maybe we should pass a law making it a Federal Crime (with prision time) to impregnate any woman who is not your legal spouse? I’m sure all those family value politicians would have nothing to fear from that.

  • The truth is you cannot have global trade with out an empire to enforce the trade routes. We just took over from the British Empire.

    The only allegiance these trans-national corporations and Republicans have is to keeping our military global and not pay for it in taxes.

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    I do not see any reason why it should not be required that any stock bought must be held for a minimum of 24 hours before it could be sold. What ever happened to the notion of stocks were a long term investment? Told to me by every financial planner I ever talked to?

  • Works real well for the one percenters.

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    If the Democrats and Obama’s plan to fix/strengthen ACA is the same as their plans for Social Security and Medicare, then you are truely deluding yourself.

    Also no matter how far right the Republican party has gone,it does not excuse the Democratic party moving to the right and occupying that space while abandoing thier Liberal principals of the past. I did vote in the 2010 elections and I will vote in November’s elections. But I will not vote for sell out Democrats who sell us crappy Republican plans and then insult us for wanting better.

  • Have not read the book. But will now have to head to the local library to check it out. Thanks.

  • Federated States? Sovereign Nations? How 20th Century! We are all headed towards being associates of (name your country) a subsidiary of (Name your multi-national corporation).

    Then it will be which of them will start maintaining their own private armies to ensure their profits. Contracts and treaties will only be for those with the muscle to enforce them.

  • This won’t solve the problems, but how about we cut Congress’ salaries, end their pensions (put then in a 401K) make then pay a larger portion of their healthcare, eliminate their expense accounts and make them pay for their own travel. Cause as John Boehner has said – We are broke.

    (Except when it comes to war, corporate welfare, tax cuts for the rich and other 1% boondoggles

  • I think the Democrats left the Filibuster in place so they could use it as an excuse for not passing legislation they did not want but looked good to the left.

    However, I am not one for completely removing the filibuster, which can have its place. What I think is that the minority party should be allocated a limit of 5 filibusters per session. Then they would have to decide what is really important to fight and not just use the tool for political gamesmanship.

  • I would argue it was Kennedy’s assassination and the joke called the Warren Commision that white washed the investigation and gave us the magic bullet theory. Or one could argue it was when we dropped the second A-bomb on Japan and told the world there was a new 800 pound gorilla in the world as our elites bagan to dream of an empire.

  • Yes, Roger Clemens is on trial now. Funny how they have time to prosecute (persecute?) a retired baseball player for steroid use, but the MOTU who crashed the economy? I wonder if Dimon will even be under oath?

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