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  • Bye Bye Mr. TBogg…hope the lovely and talented and the hot Mrs. TBogg and the stupid dogs will enjoy you more now…Sarah Palin will miss you too..

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    How about a picture of Shakira sucking Breitbart’s cock? Yay….

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    Make these Companies choose sides…we truly are the 99% and these punks know it…

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    Hey All,
    Worked with UPS for 10 years or so…honestly, a pretty decent organization. Fedex is a disaster. Hang in there and the UPS Teamsters will make you proud…or heck, necessity is the mother of invention, lets start our own shipping company. Lots of local floral delivers are probably sucking wind right now looking to deliver to the ‘last mile’.

    Also, I can remember paying for several spring breaks following the Dead by selling tie dyed tees and burritos…why not sell the occupy gear to the general public? Just lose the supply part and keep the great FDL flame and Occupy? Just throwing it out there…
    Tony Guzzi

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    Is there a drug testing facet to this welfare for the rich? You know Jamie Dimon is snorting some serious shit off of Maria Bartiromo’s tits….

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    I received a nice little piece of paper in a recent mortgage bill that advised that ‘mortgage verification’ would now cost $15.00…why not make some money off of people’s right to know whether the party they are paying actually owns the note? What a fraud….

  • The reason it will be Sperling is because he has already worked on the framework for killing Social Security under Clinton, until Monica Lewinsky saved it…

    “What was in fact being prepared for the President was precisely that second dose of welfare reform, this time targeted on the very citadel of the New Deal, the Social Security program Roosevelt himself established.

    The “Special Issues” secret team was set up by then-Deputy Treasury Secretary Larry Summers (later elevated to Treasury Secretary and now President of Harvard) and Gene Sperling, the head of the Council of Economic Advisers. The Deputy Treasury Secretary’s fondness for schemes to privatize Social Security comes as no surprise. As Chief Economist of the World Bank in the early 1990s Summers had commissioned a notorious report, “Averting the Old Age Crisis”, that argued that Merrill Lynch and Fidelity would be better at pension provision than any government. In fact governments should offer only a safety net and farm out their power to tax payrolls to private financial concerns, which would run mandatory funded pensions on the Chilean model. The task of the Special Issues group was to find an installment of privatization that could reconcile realistic Republicans and Democrats, and be sold as still honoring most existing entitlements.”