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  • As far as gun control the kid wasn’t old enough to purchase a handgun legaly anyway. No restrictions or laws will ever prevent someone from going outside the law to attain one, they could even be made in machine shops once the invention is here it is here to stay. So the only practical thing to do is allow non criminal citizens from being able to defend themselves, could have been stopped by someone with a carry permit. What the hell is a politician doing without someone with a firearm in public. Poeple need to realize that every single person on the planet has the ability at any given moment to kill or injure just about anyone around them if they wanted to guns or not. Just a matter of being able to defend yourself and trying to keep morality and the value of human life a priority, the media/entertainment is working to make us cold blooded.

  • Think about it: if a group of power has a certain technology or tactic they WILL use it. So are we to believe that parts of our own gov. have developed and perfected mind control ie: MKULTRA, but just doesn’t use it because we don’t hear about it?
    It is such an powerful tool for this power structure that has hijacked the governments. The people have this important power balance in the form of firearms and free speech that limits the federal government ability to piss us off too badly and keeps them from completely raping us. They want us helpless just like muggers and other criminals soooo:
    Take a loner who is in a psychologist office setting and program him to cause a situation that you can present a solution to: he kills some random people and two important figures “good timing” and now have a good reason to enact restrictions on free speech and firearms that you wanted in the first place. An anti-gov person isn’t likely to knowingly cause these reactions that will further increase gov. power.
    The second man strongly appears to be the kids “handler”.

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