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  • I’m totally loving all the angry responses to MS! The video of Rachel re yesterday’s vote on the unPatriot Act paints a whole different picture of what the opportunities are for the true believers in freedom (that’s us!) might be with the help of people like Nadler and Kucinich. Margaret, you’re situation is indescribably painful and my heart goes out to you. A suggestion: don’t watch the video!!!!!

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  • I see nothing funny about you, altho I’ll accept your self-definition as a ‘diva.’ Your language is unacceptable to me. I regret that the powers that be allow this on a site of some intellectual import. But, for me, when I come upon such a comment, the whole site loses credibility. I assume others are okay with it, since no one else complains, but this makes these sites just as objectionable as those on the crazy right. This is every bit as bad, without qualification!

  • I’m so glad someone has finally mentioned ElBaradei. I’ve had enormous respect for him since he headed the United Nations Nuclear Control Agency. I was thrilled when I heard he had returned to Egypt and he appeared to have a lot of credibility with the protesters. But I’ve heard nothing about him for a number of days. Damn, here we go again, being on the wrong side of our best democratic ideals!

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    Noam Chomsky said it well. I completely agree with his assessment of Erdogan and Turkey (although there was the Armenian massacre, but we musn’t hang the sins of the fathers around the necks of those who come after, forever). I had thought it best if Obama not interject himself into the people’s revolt, I acknowledge that a word of support from him to the people would have helped a few days ago. But that time has passed, regretably. What a sickening sight it was, seeing the goons on horseback and camels; much like the janjawede (sp?) in Darfur. I’m not sure who said this originally, but “he’s a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.” Mubarak now has been added to that list of dictators.

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    That’s as repugnant as any comment I’ve heard on the hard-core right. You do FDL a disservice with this sort of language. I like good critical discussion as well as most people here, although I might be considered a troll because I’m often put off by what I think is unnecessarily harsh criticism of Obama. I think the situation in Egypt is greatly oversimplified by those who think his actions here, and in other situations, as well, are not to their liking. I expect I seem like an Obama apologist; I won’t argue with that because it’s of no significance to me. I have been deeply disappointed by much that has, or has not, occurred since his election. I had hoped for so much more. But this was an extremely delicate situation, and it was very important that we not appear to be manipulating the strings. It was hoped that Mubarak would decide to leave on his own; I believe that Obama was making every effort to encourage that. But it was too little, too late. I’m reminded of the Janjaweed (sp) in Darfur, when I here of thugs on camel and horseback. This is a very bad sign that islamists have become involved. This isn’t over; I fear it’s becoming much worse.

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    Some people are never satisfied – yes, I’m talking to you, bmull and medicinecat. As a long time supporter of Dennis and one of his constituents, I received an email from Dennis in which he described in detail the situation. He only did so because people such as you were turning it into something that it wasn’t. This was hardly a trivial matter; it took two years, several surgeries, considerable pain and expense, none of which was covered by his health care plan. The law suit was settled out of court for an amount that both parties consider fair and Dennis will have nothing further to say. And I hope no one else will, either!!!

  • So many standards for so many situations! Obviously, that is necessary in a world as varied as this, but I thought our ultimate goal was to help the citizenry achieve the same freedoms that we are promised (but rarely achieve), such as freedom of speech, religion, etc. And free elections have often been touted as indications of a democracy. We should support the protesters in their efforts to rid themselves of a president who has held his office for 35 years, through elections that were anything but free! Most of the commenters here have referred to concerns about the price of oil. How shallow! We only import about 20% of our oil from OPEC. Having the price of gasoline at the pump rise a few dollars seems a small price to pay for the people of Egypt to be rid of Mubarak, yes, even those who appear educated and somewhat prosperous.

  • Don’t you and others on FDL see that you can be just as hateful and provocative as those on the crazy right? Your words aren’t constructive or inspirational. Try reading some Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn. Listen to Pete Seeger and The Weavers. You are as smug and certain of your position as Rush, Beck, Newt, Palin, et al, of theirs. And equally destructive!

  • Swopa?? Is that some sort of code word known only to the ‘in’ crowd?

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    Terrific idea! I’m one of Dennis’s constituents, and an ardent admirer and supporter. I intended to vote for him in the 2008 Ohio primary, but he had to drop out beforehand, as he had a genuine challenger for his House seat, which he needed to protect (he still won by a large margin; he is [...]

  • After watching the video on what to me is a most serious subject, I was taken aback by the first comment in which you acknowledge not watching the exchange between KO and the professor, and merely remark on her facial expression. Quite a few commenters on here seem unfamiliar with Melissa Harris-Perry; she is one of my favorite pundits because of her clarity of thought and ability to express herself. I’m new to sign on to FDL, and I’ve hesitated to enter the fray because so many of the comments are as extreme on what I imagine you consider the ‘liberal’ side as the wingnuts (I’ll let that go for now) are who are somewhere to your right. I thought a liberal was willing to consider more than one position, rather than the orthodoxy that the regulars seem to demand. In regard to the original topic, Twain’s comment re those who hated his books and removed them from the shelves while leaving the Bible, is so typical of his keen sense of irony; changing a word in his remarkable oeuvre is a terrible injustice! And to klynn@112, I salute you!!

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    Margaret, dear: It was the heading that caught my eye and drew me in to your diary. It is a gut-wrenching description of your downward spiral from down-sized to 99er. I am beyond impressed with the responsible way you’ve managed your journey, especially in regard to your health issues. I wonder if you could go [...]

  • I’m new around these parts. I’ve been reading these articles and attending comments for months, but have just registered. You’re a tight knit group and it’s intimidating to break in, but I’m up for a swim! Watched The Last Word last night and the night before. I was furious at O’Donnell the first night because of his rudeness to Alan Grayson, one of the good guys who was lost in November’s debacle. But I was won over by his gracious apology. I agree with Grayson’s position as well as Bernie Sanders’. But it’s an ethical dilemma for me because I have friends who have been unemployed for long periods and a 50 year old daughter who does seasonal work and relies on an unemployment check from December til March. My representative, Dennis Kucinich, is always, well, almost always on the side of our better angels, as is Sherrod Brown, although I don’t know how he voted last night. More anon.