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  • Yeah, that sentence caught me, too. Hey, I’ve got an idea: let’s mount a letter-writing campaign to the White House to convince Obama to be the magical savior the progressives and liberals fooled themselves into thinking he was, instead of being the neo-con/neo liberal he’s always obviously been to anyone who was actually paying attention to what he did instead of to what he said.

    His Senate voting record told you all you needed to know about who this guy was, but listening to his speeches and voting for him sure made some people feel pretty good about themselves.

  • Obama said that there needed to be a review of whether the police were being given the proper training to use their deadly military toys; I didn’t hear him question the wisdom of actually giving the police these deadly toys.

    From Obama’s POV, the police are probably not using these weapons effectively. i.e. not enough civilians are being massacred by the police. “C’mon police: if you can’t kill more folks with these things, why the heck are we giving them to you?”

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    Unfortunately, it’s going to take something considerably stronger than merely restoring pre-Reagan levels of tax on wealth, although that would be laudable.

    Keyne’s provided the software patch for capitalism. But the virus returns stronger than before. The software itself is the problem: the software is the very cause of the problem. At this point, the virus is so entrenched that not only are there no longer any sufficient means to reapply Keyne’s patch, but even if it could be reapplied, the virus at this point is immune to it.

    The software is the virus. The virus is the software.

    The disk needs to be reformatted…

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    I think it’s safe to say that, had Obama been president at the end of WW2, the Nuremeburg Trials would not have taken place.

  • One of my favorite Williams’ movies was Terry Gilliam’s “The Fisher King.” Mental illness, suicide, and the ravaged homeless were central themes. A very human and touching movie.

  • …and the illness of the state is a direct consequence of the policies lobbied for and implemented by the sociopaths at the helm.

  • Individual and collective mental health are fragile and embattled in a country with such deranged economic, financial, legal, penal, health, educational, environmental, foreign, and military policies as ours.

    The illness in the populace is engendered by and reflective of the illness in the state itself.

  • State-sanctioned murder.

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    It would require an worldwide international movement of working people dedicated to using the power of solidarity to break down national and international systems of law and economics that foster these vast differences in power between the wealthy and the rest of us.

    Sounds like a new front in the GWOT…

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    A global tax on wealth sounds great. What political body will implement and oversee it? And when do you think that will happen? Ten years from now? Thirty? We can’t wait. It’s utterly unfeasible. How about if we start by taxing wealth at home? If the wealthy take their toys and move elsewhere, good riddance. We not only don’t need the wealthy – we can’t afford them.

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    What is this mysterious “Constitution” to which the plaintiff alludes?

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    The institutions of power you allude to, Jane, are adept at using sophisticated tools of social psychology to manipulate behavior (in this case, as you note, using cognitive dissonance in the form of identity politics to get people to support policy they were previously vehemently opposed to). What’s left of the left in the US has little or no understanding of social psychology,

    First, Obama. Then, Hillary. Based on this trend, you can bet that the Democratic candidate for president in 1920 (should HRC win) or 1924 (should HRC lose) will be an out gay neo-liberal financier, and the good wibewals of the Democratic Party will love their gay rightwing candidate.

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    What a commie, and a Republican, to boot….

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    The GOP forced Obama to be a rightwing, neoliberal, uber authoritarian warmonger, and the Congress had no choice but to support the fascist-in-chief? As bad and batshit crazy as the GOP is, the current mess is the Dem’s fault. And the irony is that the GOP will make electoral hay by attacking the Dems for [...]

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    In other words, things look hopeful for the rest of the world, as they come together, united against US imperialism — but things looks bleaker than ever here in the US…thanks, Democrats!

  • Obama’s BFF Scalia, Roberts, Alito, and Thomas will take care of this fly in the fascist ointment.

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    Soon, the Chinese Secretary of State goes to the UN, and produces a vial of yellow cake msg and pictures of ISIS’ aluminum woks used to separate cooking oil…

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    The rightwing scandal-sniffing machine has prevented Obama from inflicting more damage on us.

    As long as the Obama Admin has to fend off these ridiculous scandals du semaine, it weakens their ability to push through the TPP and other assorted fuckery.

    For once, I’m appreciative of Fox and similar media nutjobs.

  • How can you write this garbage at this late stage of his presidency? The “weak” and “preemptive capitulation” memes are nonsense. Look at the evidence, look at the policies he’s pushed the hardest to implement, look at his appointments. The Catfood Commission alone shows that Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do. The memes of weakness and capitulation simply give him cover: “the bad ol’ GOP made him do it! read my kos diary!”

    Obama is a rightwing neo-liberal. The only “failure” of his presidency is that he hasn’t been able to enact the even more drasticly rightwing policy that is clearly his objective.

  • Ease up on Erik, folks. He either forgot the /s tag or felt the parody was so obvious it didn’t require it.

    He’s parodying the comformist Village mindset, that not cooperating with the authorities is a threat to the State. The ”
    authorities” no longer need to exaggerate threats of violence, create outside scapegoats, or employ false flag methods to clamp down on our freedom; they can now simply cite citizen non-cooperation as a reason to violently deprive US citizens of their Constitutional rights. In other words, real or imagined non-cooperation of the citizenry with the “authorities” is the new terrorism.

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