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  • twobeers commented on the diary post Drugged driving duplicity damaged in fender bender with actual science by patrick devlin.

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    It’s really simple, and I say this as a drinker: Drunks often don’t realize they’re drunk. Drunks tend to underestimate their impairment and judgment. Drunks tend to overestimate their capabilities, and so drive faster and recklessly. On the other hand, stoners always know when they’re stoned. Stoners tend to be acutely aware of changes in their [...]

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Center Right Opposition To Gay Rights Collapsing

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    Could be bad news for the Democrats. If they can’t differentiate themselves from the Repubs as “the party that accepts gays,” not much is left in their identity politics kitbag to dupe the Car Talk crowd.

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Yes, U.S. Private Insurance Companies Are the Problem

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    But these are our creative job-creators. Let the creative job-creators create the creative jobs that only the creative job-creators create, and get the government out of my health care, except for mandating that we buy insurance from the creative job-creating creators of creative jobs.

  • To the elitist village plutocrats, a worker’s violation of his oath of fealty to the lord of the manor warrants death, while the lord’s violation of his serfs is just business.

    Such is the state of law in the US today.

  • Thank you, Mr Cohn, for writing about CCSF’s battle for its life, and thank you FDL, for posting the article. The amazing thing is that no one questions the quality of education at CCSF. Beno is obsessed with imposing a costly, inefficient, wasteful, baroque, rigid, and outdated hierarchical managerial bureaucracy on CCSF. She seems genuinely [...]

  • If someone with an unfamiliar surname so much as raises his voice in the US, the security sheep start screaming it’s the end of the world, and their terror police start torturing somebody, anybody, whose skin isn’t pale. Yet we kill innocents regularly, with impunity.

    It’s disgusting, and it’s hard to see how we won’t eventually have to bear the consequences for the crimes committed in our name which we seem to have no ability to stop.

  • twobeers commented on the blog post People With Obamacare Will Still Go Broke

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    Message from the insurance co: “Well, we see the patient died, so we consider the medical procedure to have been unnecessary. Claim denied. Have a nice day!”

  • twobeers commented on the diary post A New Day, A New Danger: Temporary Workers Face Safety Hazards at Work by Michelle Chen.

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    Thank you, capitalism!

  • twobeers commented on the diary post Mark J. Perry and Wal-Mart: Why They Shouldn’t Get a Nobel Peace Prize by BrandonJ.

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    Walmart is a virus of the disease which is capitalism. You can treat the symptoms (e.g. raise the minimum wage, unionize workers, restore the 90% marginal tax rate), but if the disease itself isn’t treated, the symptoms always return, and as we are seeing, each bout gets worse.

  • This is a great idea.

    Which is why it won’t happen.

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Late Night: Aren’t There Any Automatic NO WAYS?

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    This is where most of the Village elite meritocracy (sic) is trained.

    By “meritocracy,” we mean inbred simpletons born into privilege; by “trained,” we mean repeatedly told how special they are, and, oh, by the way, tax breaks!

  • twobeers commented on the diary post JFK & the Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy by JP Sottile.

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    They rationalize to themselves that they have to lie to us, because we couldn’t handle the truth. But the real reason they lie is deep down, they are afraid of what we will do to them and their village when the lies are put aside.

  • Democrats who act like Republicans are more dangerous than Republicans.

    Anyone with a brain knows the GOP is batshit crazy. But plenty of seemingly sane and intelligent people give this kind of crap a pass when it’s Democrat pushing it.

    Therefore, Democrats who act like Republicans are more dangerous than Republicans.

    New party, please!

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Filibuster Just Got Nuked

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    Not to worry: the Democrats will find other reasons not to implement any policy nor to fill any position with anyone that is to the left of Reagan.

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Support for Obama and Obamacare Continues to Slide

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    It’s an essential feature of oligopolistic capitalism: the more that people are compelled to buy a product, the higher the price will be. This is why utilities always have to be tightly regulated.

    Economies of scale only apply when purchase is optional.

    Corporations exist to maximize their own profit. Social responsibility always has to be legislated.

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Support for Obama and Obamacare Continues to Slide

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    One hopes this wipes the smug smirk off kos’ face.

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Bad Roll Out Finally Moves Obamacare’s Polling Numbers

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    Hey, Mr Prez, I can fix it for ya real easy, in the shortest and most effective law you could ever possibly sign:

    “The age restriction on Medicare is hereby revoked.”

    There, it’s done.

    Of course, it wouldn’t please your insurance company and Wall St bosses, and you’re an outright sociopath, so it’ll never happen.

  • Hilarious.

    When University of Chicago Obama voted for FISA in ’08, I figured his mission was to defuse progressive backlash against big business in general, and Wall St and the security state in particular. Unfortunately, I was correct.

    I also predicted he would unintentionally destroy the Democratic Party in the process; while that hasn’t happened yet, there’s still hope.

    The diminution of the Democratic Party is the best thing that can happen to us, because, as is now clear, the real hindrance to peace, a clean environment, and equality (i.e. shared prosperity)is not the GOP, but the corporate borg which controls both parties. A weakened Democratic Party will hopefully foster the emergence of a new, genuine left wing party, or at least the growth of the Greens.

    Go Obama, keep clusterfucking your way into disgrace!

  • twobeers commented on the blog post Syria: Oh Hollywood, Wherefore Art Thou?

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    Cognitive dissonance.

    It’s extremely difficult for people to admit they’ve been exploited, taken for a ride, been made a fool of. The more money one gives to a candidate, the more hours one works for a candidate, and the more vocal one is in support of a candidate, the harder it becomes to admit one’s used.

    This, coupled with white liberal reluctance to appear racist, makes Obama the perfect tool to implement rightwing policy under a leftwing banner.

    Obama’s backers were very shrewd and canny students of human nature.

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