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  • Jon apparently doesn’t remember any of Obama’s frequent violations of supposed principle.b Jon apparently has an exceedingly poor memory.

    Hey Jon! Lay off the hooter! It’s making you look very silly.

  • …Obama’s Principles.

    Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

    Uh, you were joking, right?

  • But Pantaleo also contended because Garner could still speak and say, “I can’t breathe,” he, “in fact, could breathe.”

    Brilliant logic. Throw the witch in the water. If she drowns, she wasn’t a witch. The obvious way for Garner to indicate he was being suffocated was to simply silently let himself be choked to death.

    Since when are the accused allowed to testify in their defense to a Grand Jury? That’s for the trial, not the GJ.

    By protecting the accused, the DA is an accessory to murder!

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    Unfettered capitalism, yay!

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    Obama isn’t “battling” his appointee; Obama is lying (as usual) to fool those idiots who still think he’s anything other than a right-wing neo-liberal neo-con.

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    Who should they fire? They should fire everyone, go out of business, and start over. Then, there should be two new parties: A left of center party, and a “center” party. The current Dem party has one primary function: to keep left-of-center economic issues off the table. “Firing” a few Dem strategists won’t get progressive [...]

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    It’s going to be a tough two years for the climate.

    Yeah, because it was smooth sailing when Obama had a Dem House and Senate, and then a Dem Senate.

    The big, bad GOP stories just don’t fly anymore. Almost everyone sees the kabuki Mutt & Jeff act for what it is, certainly most readers here do. Why do you keep flogging this, and who do you think you’re fooling?

  • They probably will start impeachment hearings, but it won’t go anywhere. It’s kabuki, and will be used to rally the GOP and Dem tribes, like cheerleaders at a football game. Obama and the GOP are similar on most positions. He will approve most of their bills.

    The GOP will introduce a slew of social issue bills to appease the theocon low-IQ contingent. Obama will veto those, and he will be hailed by the Dem dupes as a great progressive hero.

    That’s my prediction. What do I know? I was lambasted in 2008 when I said that Obama was a Tojan horse who, based on his short senatorial voting record, would expand the security state and run interference on any attempt to hold Wall St accountable for its crimes. Obama far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t foresee that his admin would engineer the largest transfer of wealth from the workers to the oligarchs that the world has ever seen.

  • Warren is a minor figure in the Senate. She’s says the right things about holding Wall St accountable for fraud and restructuring the financial system. She’s not a Wall St corporate neo-liberal, but rather a traditional Main St corporate liberal. Otherwise, she’s basically a typical moderate Dem, not much different from Feinstein. She’s no progressive savior, and positing her as such is as stupid as the dupes who made Obama their Savior despite a senatorial voting record that clearly indicated he was a neo-liberal neo-con.

    But your message to clap louder is duly noted.

  • Shamus Cooke has an interesting article up at COunterPunch this morning about what to expext form the GOP Congress.

    He thinks there will a lot more cooperation than people expect, because the GOP and Obama are identical on so many issues.

    Cooke thinks there will be the appearance of enmity, as the GOP introduces extreme social issue bills (abortion, prayer, gay issues, etc) to appease the theocratic nut base. Obama will veto these bills, allowing him to regain cred with the dupes and rally the Dem base, just in time to make the 2016 election closer than it looks now.

    This seems like a very plausible script. The GOP wants Obama in office during the election so that they can run against the muslim commie, so any attempt at impeachment will be kabuki.

  • Sounds about right.

  • Lies, yes. Incompetence, no.

  • This headline makes no sense.

    “Democrats” and “progressive policies” are mutually exclusive. They have nothing in common.

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    Americans are guilty until proven innocent.

  • Yeah, that sentence caught me, too. Hey, I’ve got an idea: let’s mount a letter-writing campaign to the White House to convince Obama to be the magical savior the progressives and liberals fooled themselves into thinking he was, instead of being the neo-con/neo liberal he’s always obviously been to anyone who was actually paying attention to what he did instead of to what he said.

    His Senate voting record told you all you needed to know about who this guy was, but listening to his speeches and voting for him sure made some people feel pretty good about themselves.

  • Obama said that there needed to be a review of whether the police were being given the proper training to use their deadly military toys; I didn’t hear him question the wisdom of actually giving the police these deadly toys.

    From Obama’s POV, the police are probably not using these weapons effectively. i.e. not enough civilians are being massacred by the police. “C’mon police: if you can’t kill more folks with these things, why the heck are we giving them to you?”

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    Unfortunately, it’s going to take something considerably stronger than merely restoring pre-Reagan levels of tax on wealth, although that would be laudable.

    Keyne’s provided the software patch for capitalism. But the virus returns stronger than before. The software itself is the problem: the software is the very cause of the problem. At this point, the virus is so entrenched that not only are there no longer any sufficient means to reapply Keyne’s patch, but even if it could be reapplied, the virus at this point is immune to it.

    The software is the virus. The virus is the software.

    The disk needs to be reformatted…

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    I think it’s safe to say that, had Obama been president at the end of WW2, the Nuremeburg Trials would not have taken place.

  • One of my favorite Williams’ movies was Terry Gilliam’s “The Fisher King.” Mental illness, suicide, and the ravaged homeless were central themes. A very human and touching movie.

  • …and the illness of the state is a direct consequence of the policies lobbied for and implemented by the sociopaths at the helm.

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