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    Bah-hahahahaha. You guys kill me (and everyone else)! raise taxes is always the answer…

    Look, there are so many public employees in MA who get the BEST benefits while the rest of us are taxed so much that we are barely hanging on.

    Whats that you say-give me an example?

    Glad you asked my friends. Take Thomas Kinton, Director of the Massachusetts Port Authority. MassPort, as it is commonly known, is a quasi-public agency where all employees are public employees.

    Mr. Kinton is leaving after 26 years of ahem, “service.” And his bottom-of-the-barrel lousy public employee union deal? Kinton will get a $246,000 annual pension for life, Cadillac life and health care insurance for him and his spouse into perpetuity and if that isn;t enough for the pig at the proverbial trough, he will get a $455,000 check for unused “sick time.”

    Why are we Massholes fed up? Tom Kinton is just one of many poster children for public employee abuse, waste and fraud.

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