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    From the Weiser link about Greece: “Wieser said the tax take was down, privatisation had failed to deliver and that other targets — structural reforms designed to free up export competitiveness — were also slipping out of range.”

    Sooner or later, someone is going to take up guns.

    “they will need an additional 62 billion in euros in order to achieve stability.” ;BBC had a story where it was up to 78B Euro’s; but both below the 100B previously discussed. What ISN’T shared is what the standards were re the ‘audits’; was all the delinquent properties marked to market or did they use the pretext of Spanish law that such mortgage debt can’t be written off in bk as the baseline?

    “The Chart That Scares the “1%” The Most” ; I’ve written repeatedly about this and NO ONE has ever provided me an answer to “What is globalised human society going to do with the mass of unemployed human beings that are rendered obsolete by the approaching super-intelligence of the Bio-Info-Nano Singularity.
    Hell, I even commented on it in a 2011 Dean Baker diary.

    BUT still no one wants to address the issue. Had to laugh at the irony of Durden writing “(2) they all look backward, not forward.”.

    ““The only reason that Barack Obama will make policy moves in your direction is if he feels he can’t avoid it, or if you’re going to pay him or his administration off somehow.” ; like Duh !

    “How low-down can you get? ” did you forget the U.S. refusal to offer reparations to all the Guatemalans? Dig 6 feet down and you’ll still not be low enough.

    ““Dead Peasants“.” Just fucking amazing.

    “Local 54 of Unite-HERE” ; when I was working in Vegas, we shut the strip down by going on strike; guess Here isn’t as powerful as it once was. Could be the result of leaving the AFL-CIO and joining “change to win” which has SEIU in it and SEIU is anything but a take no prisoners type of union.

    “Kubrick still shots”; thanks; twas the place and year I was born for the most part of the fotos. Did you catch the Dick Tracy doll “Sparkle Plenty” the little girl was holding? And the circus side show performer….wonder if he inspired
    Bradury’s “The Illustrated Man”?

    OK, my news item contribution:
    Uruguay government aims to legalise marijuana ; I can hear the screams now about all the gringos that will be invading their country…..until someone points out how much money those gringos will bring. BUT you can bet the U.S. State department is screaming bloody hell about this bill.

    Daily Cartoon.