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    Her assets are obviously already split, but I would have to see a picture of his to determine if it could be monetized half as well as hers.

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    Can’t fool us TBogg – this post itself is a false flag operation by the Bilderburger/Reverse Vampire Conspiracy to cover for Agenda 21 black-ops.

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    I had wondered when the story first broke why the right didn’t go ape shit, seemed like a good horse for them to ride for months and months, OJ Trial style. Maybe cause it was during the rethug primaries, and the campaigns didn’t want to make the whole election about abortion yet again. You would think that would have played right into <a href=";)Santorums wheel house, being as it was in PA and all.

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    That would be good candidate for some nebishy hipsters to name their band.

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    Since you have designated feeding times, you could… tie their ears back? A basset ear scrunchy would do the trick, most like.

    Although, might be you’re like Humphrey Bogart in African Queen, who never bothered to fix the pressure relief valve on the boat’s steam engine cause he enjoyed kicking it when it got stuck.

  • Quite so – I recall that in those days you could walk into your local MacDonald’s Fast Food Restaurant and ask the attendant for a hamburger sandwich. It amazingly had the cost of less than two “bits”, which apparently was the equivalent of one quarter of an American dollar!

    True, quite heady days indeed.

  • Self awareness has never really been a major trait of True Believers. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen, at every level of the wingnut welfare food chain, little anecdotes presented as evidence of something or other that are pretty much just a story of somebody refusing to discuss the wingnut outrage du jour with them on said wingnut’s terms.

    Wingnut always concludes it is indicative of whatever “point” they want to make, but always fail to recognize that maybe people just don’t like being the object of a spittle flecked rant by an asshole.

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    Every presidential campaign is a years long mobius strip of talking point pablum, but up until Romney candidates at least accepted that people wanted at least a glimpse of the person under the lies, if for no other reason than to give voters a skeleton upon which they could build whatever attributes they desired in a president, realistic or not.

    Romney either has such tight control over his message that any realistic image of him as a person can’t peek through, or he actually has shown his true face and it was so utterly unremarkable that there wasn’t any there, there.

    Might also be that what we consider droning political pablum he actually thinks are deeply considered philosophical positions.

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    It will likely trace back to a Russian botnet, cause the pr0n hacks generally do. Thus, per Occam’s Razor, it can only mean one thing: The Ruskies did it! Clearly a Black Bag op by the KGB to support their sleeper agent in the White House to shut down the only source where people can hear The Truth, man. Keep watching the skies!

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    I’ve lived in a few states of the late, much lamented (in certain quarters) Confederacy over the last 10 years and one of the many enduring mysteries is why they love Chick-fil-A so much down here. The quality is so-so. The prices are astronomical.

    Of the two occasions I have had the misfortune of going into a store, every single employee had this weird, cult-like empty smiling stare – more than just the regular fast food employee fake smile that is supposed to hide their disdain for all customers, which is good and proper for all retail workers. No, this was more The Bliss of the Saved that you get with any cult worth its salt. Totally creeped me out.

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    Or it could be that only people somewhat familiar with assault style weapons would even register the name “AR-15″, while “AK-47″ is well ensconced in the national cultural zeitgeist. Say “AK-47″ and everyone knows exactly what you are talking about.

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    It matters whether the POTUS is a venture capitalist…

    I’m sure his campaign WISHES he as a venture capitalist, at least then they could (almost) plausibly claim that his whole purpose was working to blaze new and exciting trails that would create jobs jobs jobs. Instead they have to somehow explain capital equity as anything other than corporate raiding, which is what it is.

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    I don’t think that particular argument will get settled any time soon, or at least until there are a couple/three incidents where armed bystanders up the death toll with a re-enactment of the OK corral.

    After the first time, they’ll call it an aberration and fap for awhile writing about how THEY would have handled it differently and been heros and everyone would finally agree they were right about everything.

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    Hope this doesn’t get frontpaged else we will be awash in new applicants for site scold.

    I could see myself supporting his run for president in 2016, but only if he grew muttonchops and said ‘hurumph’ at the end of every other sentence.

  • Most of his introductory interview was pretty strong, but he really messed up the dismount – it will likely cost him with the judges.

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    I would doubt a horse has ever even seen that view, seems more likely the area where they hold horsey related garden parties for all the rich fucks who keep their horses there. The area the horses see probably looks like any other horse barn, maybe a bit bigger and easier to wash down and probably air conditioned, but a horse barn all the same (but still better than how a lot of people live).

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    What the hell happened to the vaunted GOP political machine that convinced the country that C+ Augustus was anything other than a failed nepotism enabled businessman with a southern accent and a pedigree? Mittens doesn’t have the same quality pedigree, but has much more of a claim to being successful in business. They would have defused this last year, even before the primaries. It’s not like the Bush team isn’t still around – are they just sitting things out out of shame? (other than Ham Rove, that is)

    Oh, wait… they had no shame. Never mind.

    Maybe they just don’t like him very much, much like the rest of the GOP.

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    Since wingnuts, as a general rule, are tragically wrong about everything, I’ll take this as a positive confirmation that the ACA is good for the future of the republic.

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    Jane could use the number of concern trolls that show up in comments after Tbogg gets frontpaged as a more solid metric of how many new eyeballs she’s getting in any given week.

    Demonic Ridicule Machine, bitches. get some.

  • Gotta be #4.

    While #5 is strong, and will undoubtedly live on as a proper memorial to the role he played when he fades into a minor historical footnote, #4 captures so much more of the many moving parts of the here-and-now.

    Sure it’s topical and ephemeral – that also describes all the content he ever “produced”. He was never interested in substance, only winning the news cycle. The guy who made Helicopter Cat captured more eyeballs for 15 seconds around the world than any Breitbartian ratfuck caper ever could. And the fact that his little band of dopes is still beating that drum in his name, as well as the grifting IP thief who prompted this call to shooping in the first place, only further cements the connection to HeliCat.

    Also, too, the mouse is a good touch.

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