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  • tjfxh,

    Well said! MMT is the most progressive approach going. The rest are faux progressives — deficit apologists and the like. Conceding that the deficit must be brought “under control” while simultaneously arguing for further stimulus is a losing proposition.

  • Larry,

    If you will, please indulge me. You said:

    “I definitely know what Jamie and Randall say and I simply disagree with them.”

    Jamie says:

    “Your family needs income in order to pay its debts. Your government does not…. It’s true that government can spend imprudently. Too much spending, net of taxes, may lead to inflation, often via currency depreciation–though with the world in recession, that’s not an immediate risk. Wasteful spending–on unnecessary military adventures, say–burns real resources. But no government can ever be forced to default on debts in a currency it controls.”

    Where, specifically, do you disagree?

    -S. Kelton

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