• Good grief you blockhead. Well, I can certainly understand that. It did me good to take a good long pause, but I had to pop in to say thanks for all the fish, bananas, old pajamas and so on. One of the funniest guys on the Internets, top two I’d say. If Dan Perkins ever leaves, they’ll just have to shutter the whole thing, the comedy department anyway.

    Why do I keep getting images of this?


    Have fun,

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    Uh well yes, except that Bernstein, along with Reuters, is accusing Greenwald of “threatening” the release of the documents.

    If you look at the link you included to Glenn Greenwald’s piece, he makes it clear that he was basically asked if he thought Snowden was in danger, and his response about the US “going down on their knees” was in the context of “why would they do that? They’d be nuts to harm him, they should hope nothing happens to him”. Taken completely out of context by someone who’s either a moron or ideologically disposed to take it out of context, or perhaps just doesn’t give a shit enough to look at what was actually written or said, then yeah it’s a big, scary, thing that Glenn Greenwald the journalist is issuing “threats”.

    In any case, refuting this by proving that Snowden threatened to release documents through someone else is hardly the devastating retort that you seem to think it is, mainly because it’s idiotic and misses the whole point.

  • If you put down the spittle cup for a moment you might be able to see that I was criticizing Glenn Greenwald as well. Not likely I realize, so just carry on making an ass of yourself.

  • Probably a good idea for anyone to actually see the movie before making melodramatic pronouncements either way about how others were right or wrong about what it portrays, supports, glorifies or doesn’t, and so on, otherwise is just sort of a multiplication of errors.

    Can I just say that I like the “Greenwald is an idiot” contingent at places like this at least as much as the “Obama is evil” contingent.

  • Y’know: clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

    ..here I am, stuck in Lodi again?

    I always get the one about Lodi and the one about clowns mixed up, ever since I played in Lodi with the circus.

  • We’ve got to get you off of FDL. Seriously, this can’t be healthy. It’s obsessive, man.

    When a post is front-paged I yawn in anticipation and try to skip the whole thing, knowing that “fun” will be replaced by a thousand years of argument (not to mention a thousand yards of thread) the pious and self-righteousness will outnumber the living, and those turned instantly to dust by the wrath of Godwin will be considered the fortunate ones, the rest left wandering gormless living off the corpses of each other’s syllogisms for the rest of time or at least what seems like it until the thread finally peters out (I bet some of them are still going).

    Oh well. Carry on.

  • And when, the sound, the hideous sound, like the beating of a hundred thousand hearts just increased in volume and crowded out all consciousness so it seemed surely that his dinner guests must hear it too, just then the doctors called to say “Sir, we’ve traced it that sound — it’s coming from the inside! Run!!”

  • Fishing smhishing, I wonder what the heart donor process is like.

  • It’s the great cycle of being. Someone gives you the gift of life, you go and kill something. It’s in the Bhagavad Gita.

    Or maybe it was Star Wars.

    I’m also impressed that the people who brought us the Roomba have now developed a water heater that can follow you around so you can shower anywhere.

  • I think this time it should the Snopes Trial, with every BS “fact” the right wingers bring up about sexuality fact-checked on the spot.

  • I bet when Thomas hears “same sex marriage” to him it means what he’s been confined to ever since despite managing to brazen it out in the hearings he realized he better ixnay the irtskay asingchay because everyone would be watching him like a hawk. No wonder he always looks grumpy, old habits die hard.

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    I thought bassinets were just small bassets.

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    I can’t tell you how charming I find it that Mrs refers to him as “Tbogg”. Sort of like those ancient empire couples in the 7th arrondisement of Paris who use “Vous” to each other, or that woman on the Real Housewives of New York who referred to her husband to friends as “The Count”, and you even got the impression when they were alone and face to face, as it were, which led to wonderfully who’s-on-firstian imagery:

    “Oh Count…. Count…”

    “One… two.. three….. four…”



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    I know what you mean, at least in terms of the political part. I think a lot of us are experiencing an odd sensation since early November, one that, as Democrats, we’re simply not accustomed to or equipped for. My understanding from others who are familiar with it is that it’s called “happiness”, and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

    Symptoms include lack of desire to click on Nate Silver’s blog obsessively, a strange interest in the outside world excluding politics, and lack of stimulus in the form of emails from relatives asking “You follow this stuff, please reassure me for God’s sake that Sarah Palin John McCain Paul Ryan That Other Guy Whatever His Name Is I Forget isn’t going to win”

    I know, it’s strange. I think it’s a positive thing though, from what they tell me, but apparently a bit of an acquired taste, like really stinky French cheese or pain au chocolat, but once you get used to chocolate first thing in the morning it’s actually pretty addicting, the only downside of course being that you start expecting it all the time, and I can’t find a good one here to save my life.

    Sorry, I seem to have taken a detour. My solution is that I’m going back to where you can get decent pastries made fresh every day (the secret is butter. Simple as that). I’ve seen you through this election thing, now it’s time to return to the land of food. Plus my contract here is over next week.

  • Ah yes the liberal Democrat gasbags on MSNBC, like Joe Scarborough.

    He’s right you know, what we really need is an alternative to this non-stop liberalist propaganda. We could set up radio stations, for example! Maybe even a TV network!

  • In the 1600s there were half a billion people on the planet, by 1800 it had doubled to a billion. Now, it’s reached seven billion, and predictions are for nine billion by 2045. Anyone looking at that and calling giving birth to fewer children “decadence” should have his soul donated to science so they can better study the properties of a true vacuum.

  • Yeah I’m not surprised, it definitely had that Henny Youngman Catskills circuit sheen to it. It is kind of funny though and it was surprising to see McCain with a sense of humor plus of course Schadenfreud is a dish best served while watching someone who just sold his soul and all the Devil gave him for it was Sarah Palin.

  • Only for magic boners. Or in Mormon slang, “beanstalks”.

  • I think next time we mount a full-scale Mission Impossible-style operation complete with rubber masks, mockup Oval Office and Air Force one and so on, and make them all think he did win. Just to keep this alternate Republican reality thing going, eventually we could put it all someplace empty like Utah and just service it as needed and keep them all occupied and happy thinking that it’s all real, then get some real conservatives and have ourselves an election about actual issues.

    Okay just an idea.

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