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  • I’ve known the world was fucked since I was about five years old, so I suppose I understand your perspective, but Harper’s conservatism was never compassionate. The old Conservative party wasn’t particularly progressive, but the new one is regressive in the extreme.

    I live in Canada, I’m not blind and I saw the corporatist hellhounds snarling years ago. You’re not telling me anything I didn’t know.

    I guess it goes to show, democracy simply doesn’t work. In fact, nothing works, because the problem isn’t democracy or dictatorship or communism, the problem is people. Selfish people and Ignorant people. Selfishness and Ignorance. The only two sins. The very heart and soul of evil.

    So do you have any recommendations for fighting it?

    Are you advocating violent revolution, then? If the laws and the people are incapable of protecting themselves from themselves, then we need to start shooting anyone acting ignorant or selfish in public?

    Or are you of the opinion that their is no hope and we are better dead now than suffering later?

  • First Past the Post electoral systems, for one. A lack of proportional representation for another.

    Of course, any chance of electoral reform went out the window last night. It’s going to go the other way rather quickly, I’m afraid.

    And as an aside, for tambershall and cwnidog, are you so ground down and hopeless that you can only find pleasure in the destruction of others? When I saw Bush elected and then reelected I wept openly. You are my neighbours, and while I occasionally wish I could call the police and complain about the way you trim your hedges and party noisily into the wee hours I don’t laugh out loud when your house catches fire.

  • The victory of extremism over moderation. Huzzah, we’re now well on our way to a two party system. Fantastic. No more voting one’s conscience, it’s all going to be choosing the lesser of two evils from here on out.

    Assuming that the NDP can survive the unholy plans Harper has to strip public funding for political parties.

  • You must be joking. Really?

    I at least thought it would take longer for the right to start criticizing President Obama for forcing G.W. Gump and his team of secret texas rangers to take matters into their own hands and bring down that evil Bin Laden themselves.

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    Sweet dreams, hope.

    Someone deserves some.

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    It’s the fate of all idealists to suffer for their dreams. We imagine the world better than it is and are forever disappointed because it will always fall short.

    When I die, it will be the way I lived – angry at a world so fundamentally broken that a five year old child could see the cracks everywhere.

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    I don’t really have a stake in it, but personally I think I could live with that. Would they go after Cheney too?

    Personally, I think it’s too late. Osama Bin Laden won his war a long time ago. He won it when western nations began to resort to terror tactics, drone strikes, unlawful rendition, torture, military occupation and paranoiac security culture.

    All the damage he was going to do was already done. His children live on, and they are the ones prosecuting this “Global War on Terror”.

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    Yes, we voted for it and now we’re going to get it good and hard.
    The problem is, we’re already right there with you on so many of your points. Now that Hagfish Harper has his majority, it’s going to be slick as mucus to take us the rest of the way.
    We’re already turning against each other. The Canadian Progressive blogs are coming alive with Liberals and NDPers sniping at each other and laying blame.

    It’s ALL OUR FAULT. All of us. For letting it happen.

    I used to believe that Canada was better (well, let’s be fair, in some ways we were). I can’t say that I’m proud to be Canadian anymore. It’s been a long, long time since I was able to say that.

    It’s going to be a long time before I feel it again, if ever.

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    I’m thinking of Crossing the river and joining the Parti Quebecois to work for sovereignty. Quebec has always been one of the forward thinking provinces, at least in the cities.

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    We’re already there, mzchief. I have friends and acquaintances who were among the 1100 some ‘detainees’. It was just the tip of the iceberg, and as much as we’ve tried to fight it our media just won’t fight for the people.

    How can you shout down people who buy ink by the drum? I’m willing to get back up and fight but right now I just feel beaten down by the reality of the next four years under a Harpercon majority.

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    So did Stephen Harper, and he didn’t do it 20 minutes in advance, he did it hours and hours in advance, by campaigning on an election day.


    Fighting like hell, sure, but against whom? How can you fight systemic ignorance on this scale? Corruption on this scale? It’s like boxing the ocean.

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    I’m not numb or comfortable, I’m broken inside.

    I’ve spent the last three and a half hours watching my country slowly coming apart. It’s like waking up from a pleasant dream to a nightmare.

    Harper Majority Government in Canada. Four years for him to follow through on his plans and promises to dismantle our social contract.

    Would it be too much to ask for you lot to lend us a few divisions? Just a small invasion, some light bombing, a minor occupation. We’re friendly, we’ll leave warning signs beside our booby traps and make appointments to ambush your columns of troops.

    All I ask is… help?

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    I was watching that. It wasn’t on long enough to have made a difference.

    Congratulations, I think the USA is that much closer to adding a dozen states.

    And now ALL of North America is headed towards Banana Republic status.

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    It’s official – Canada is now broken.

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    It’s hard to be certain because the NDP have never formed a federal government. Policy-wise they are center-left to left and the NDP governments various provinces have had have led the way for many of the social reforms Canada now enjoys.

    But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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    Heh. Dad always told me: “vote early, vote often.”

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    Not just Stephen Harper, hackworth1. My riding’s home to one of his favourite attack dogs, John Baird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen footage of Baird where he isn’t shouting someone down in the House of Commons.

    But I’ve voted, and I think I’ve even convinced a person or two in the last month. Today is a chance for Canada to look forward instead of back.

    Oh, and any Tory minority is still dangerous – look what the Poltroon-who-would-be-King has managed in the last five years/two minorities. This has not been a happy or a proud time for Canada.

    Here’s hoping that our first-past-the-post system lets us eke out a win. I have hope, but I’m still nervous because things could go any way tonight.

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    I think, all due respect, that your gripe would be better placed on a fame and celebrity obsessed media than on His Royal Highness and his Bride-to-Be. I’m a Canuck, a staunch monarchist and I’ll be honest – I’m not excited. I’m not watching any of the coverage, because I’m only interested insofar as we’re [...]

  • I don’t know if you should count too much on that common sense, mon ami. We did give the world Celine Dion and Nickelback after all. ;P

  • The thing about the Conservative Party of Canada (who are, really, a very new entity composed of the bones of the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform Party who first formed the Conservative Alliance and then the CPC) and especially this election cycle is that Stephen Harper has been campaigning in a bubble.

    Aside from the two debates (one in English, one French) he hasn’t appeared in public outside of carefully controlled venues. There have been numerous incidents of people being ejected or screened from Stephen Harper’s public appearances (including a teenage student trying to inform herself before voting for the first time). There is footage out there of Harper’s flacks rousing the crowd to shout down a question he didn’t want to answer just a few days ago.

    Wherever he goes, he carefully tailors his message to the local constituents and he has become notorious in the media for “campaigning in a bubble” and only taking a limited number of questions from the press each day (five, as I recall).

    So it’s entirely possible that people will simply fail to inform themselves and vote against their interests and principles by voting Conservative. Happens all the time both up here and down there, no?

    As far as support by region, Ontario has always been a serious battleground but traditionally goes Liberal in the urban areas and more Conservative in the rural ones. Quebec was a large conservative bastion in the 1980′s, but the formation of the Bloc Quebecois pretty much split the Progressive Conservative party. The CPC have large swathes of support out west (legacy of the right wing Reform Party, damn your eyes Preston Manning) but there are also NDP seats that are considered quite safe.

    Politically, I would say that Canadians in general are far more to the Left of the spectrum than the CPC. We love our health care (thank you, Saskatchewan and Tommy Douglas for leading the way) and we are a peace loving, charitable and easy-going nation (unless you start slagging off our national sports of Hockey and Complaining about the Weather). I think that in some ways that easy-going attitude has worked against us because it has allowed a very right-wing element to take over what was once a much more moderate constituency.

    Gods, I hope I’m making myself clear here. I’m an amateur, not an expert in Canadian Politics. I’m doing my best to avoid any gross misrepresentations but if any Canuck wants to correct/add to/debate this, please do.

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