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    Right. Waco. The Symbionese Liberation Army. Etc. Operation Move in Philadelphia. Etc. When you openly oppose the U.S. government, don’t expect the fire department to be a lot of help. The burnout has been SOP (standard operating procedure) in such cases for a long time. The fire is never intentionally set by the cops, but [...]

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    FOR SHAME! The otherwise progressive senator from IOWA supported farm subsidies!

    I hate them too. Who do you think we can get elected on a “Kill The Farm Subsidies” platform in Iowa? I’ll send ‘em money – if that candidate is anything like as progressive as Harkin, that is.

    For many years now (since before I supported him for president), I have pointed out that anytime one hears common sense from a member of congress on the Teevee, it’s likely to be Harkin speaking. I’ll miss him – and will be gobsmacked if Iowa sends anyone half as good to replace him.

  • Funny – not haha – the Republicans are searching so desperately for an impeachable offense (gun walking, Benghazi etc) and they have one here, but won’t take advantage because they want to keep that power for the next Rethug president.

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    Yeah, Margaret, I’ve noticed and you’ve done a very good job. Austin is great, my son lives there, but I get really tired of hearing that it is the only place safe for the ten living Texas progressives. The Yankee carpetbagger Bush just about ruined this state, setting us up for stolen elections for years to come, then stole the national election. Somehow we are to blame for that, but nobody seems to blame California for Reagan and Nixon.

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    I live in the fourth largest city in the country – Houston. We have an out lesbian mayor. Every damned city in the state, (except maybe Amarillo – not sure about that) Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi has Democratic leadership, and until the Tom Delay instigated gerrymander and the installation of Diebold voting machines, we had a majority Democratic congressional delegation.

    Bush, btw, is a carpetbagger from Connecticut – and Ron Paul is from Pennsylvania. He lives in Freeport, where he coasts to reelection in his safe seat populated at election time by “Winter Texans” – old folks from the north in their trailers and RVs.

    We were a reliably Democratic state when California was giving us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan – and are right on the verge of becoming blue again for 100 years (like last time).

    So a hundred thousand idiots – out of a population of 21 million – sign a secession petition – and at least that many supposedly liberal idiots go batshit crazy in response. Hate to say it, but it looks to me like the secessionists are smarter.

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    No, buddy. The rich get the well and WE get the shaft.

  • Since we don’t loot the countries we conquer, defense spending is economically unproductive, while infrastructure spending is not. We can build high speed rail and millions of energy jobs with that money – if we have the will.

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    What I would advise the president: hang tough and set up Dems to retake the 2014 House by keeping constant bully pulpit pressure on obstructionist Republicans in the “do nothing” House of Representatives.

    What he will actually do: continue to signal that he is frantic to make a deal before January first; that he doesn’t want the leverage a trip over the fiscal cliff would give him. Make further inroads into the safety net while coming up with an excuse to extend the Bush/Obama tax cuts again and fail to dispose of the debt limit, leaving Republicans with the whip hand again, and setting up the Dems to lose 20 more seats in the house – and the senate to boot – in 2014.

    What I really want here, of course, is for Obama to prove me embarrassingly wrong. Unfortunately, if history is any guide at all, that ain’t gonna happen.

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    PS: … and impervious to facts and reason.

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    I voted for Rocky, but would happily vote Green or Socialist. Although I cast a lot of my votes for the Dems this time (having no real alternative on the Texas ballot), in general I have resolved to vote for the most progressive candidate and let the chips fall where they may. The Dems abandoned [...]

  • What has shocked me is the ability of so many so-called progressives to blind themselves to and completely ignore actions from Obama that would have engendered howls of protest if initiated by any Republican.

  • Well, the Obamab…uh… supporters have been telling us that Mr. Obama has been waiting for his second term to unleash his inner liberal, so I eagerly await his reclassification of pot from schedule I, the closure of Guantanamo, the end to the warrentless wiretapplng of the whole damned country, suspension of negotiations for his “NAFTA on steroids” trade deal with Asia, the TPP, prosecution of the criminals who wrecked our economy, the Bushco torturers, etc, etc.

    I’m gonna be so embarrassed at how wrong I was.

  • LOL!

    I’m sleepy, it took me a while to write the above comment (When I started there was only one comment.) From what I see, I’m not the only one thinking this way.

  • I would be thrilled to be proven absolutely wrong about this, but I think Obama will be desperate to make a deal before this stronger Democratic coalition settles in. He already asserted that the defense sequester wouldn’t happen in the third debate. In other words, he won’t LET it happen. Without a deal, it will happen. Obama is more desperate for a deal than the Rethugs and the Rethugs know it! He is already signaling his desperation and pre-compromising, just like we have seen him do so many times before. Unless Boner gets his standard “95% of what I wanted,” Obama will count it as a personal failure. A more liberal senate might well object to that. The only things I see stopping this are general Republican intransigence, stupidity – and Grover Norquist.

    Call me crazy, idiotic, a troll, whatever. I’d love to chuckle along with you later about my temporary derangement.

    We’ll see.

  • This fits the phoney narrative that progressives are supposed to buy – that “liberal Obama is waiting until after reelection to be “unleashed” from his previous center right posture.

    There is zero evidence to back up that fervent belief from the Obamabots.

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    One way in which Obama is demonstrably worse than Bush/Romney: Obama was able to get Bush’s three American job killing “free trade” bills past the Democrats in the Senate, which Bush was not, Just as Clinton was able to get NAFTA passed as HW was not. And for his next term, Obama is now negotiating [...]

  • And you smack the nail right on the head. For a long time, I thought I was the only one that noticed this (outside the states that finally acted to clean up their vote by getting rid of Diebold decided elections and provide a paper trail.)

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    I think straight ticket voting is lazy and a cop out and it should be illegal.

    I couldn’t disagree more. Had I ever in my life encountered a liberal Republican running against a conservative Democrat, that thought might have some validity – but the notion is ludicrous here. Maybe that happens with some frequency where [...]

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    That was kind of snarky – not really a serious answer. I think.

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    Considering the actions our government took after Fukishima (shutting down radiation monitoring on the West Coast and other actions taken to hush up/render impossible accurate reporting on that disaster) if something like that happened, the feds would likely ban Geiger counters and other radiation detection devices. Radiation releases would be highly classified and discussing them [...]

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