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  • in the end, they will accept the medicaid expansion. my understanding is thisis what happened when lbj signed medicare/medicaid into law. it looks like the same states that rejected lbj’s new law are also rejecting this. they are even using some of the same talking points after 50 years.

    ariona and alaska did not finally accept medicaid/medicare until 1970! not accepting it will hurt them politically, as this will take a toll on the states financially

  • that is one reason. the others are
    1. he has power. they do not like a black man with power. the go wanted to bing him down a peg and not be beHOLDER to him! lol
    2. to hurt obama. another black man with power who they want to bring down even more than they do holder. they wanted to make it look like the obama administration has no scruples. you know, like that last administration that they bowed down to and worshiped.

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    the answer is obvious: nbc is behind newt gingrich

  • he should have recused himself from the case. it is stunts like this that has the 99% angry. every thing ic corrupt: finance, banking, pharma, healthcare, politics, government, education, the church, etc. everything is corrupt, and people are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  • i am proud of the dems. for once they did not cave. they have a winning formula with this. the tea bagging members of the gop caucus are responsible for giving the dems this win. boehner cannot control them. if this keeps up, as the wst stated, they will give congress back to the dems and obama will will re-election

  • during his tenure, he lobbied to lower the blood alcohol limit, was anti minimum wage, anti-smoking regulations and anti healthcare benefits. so he didn’t want people to have the insurance to pay for their cancer treatment when diagnosed with lung cancer, or to be able to pay their medical bills when hit by a drunk driver? isn’t he a nice guy?
    and he spent “liberally” and went over budget when redecorating. were have i heard this before? the repubs are conservative when it comes to US spending, but the skies the limit when they spend

  • so, are the gop finally awakening from their meth induced coma to realize what damage they have wrought to their party? it took 3 years for them to realize that their party has become a bozo the clown type political group? well, well, well. and these are the people who they realize will not beat obama next november. welcome to reality, guys. too bad it took you 3 1/2 years to get your heads out of the sand.

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    i really do not understand what the greek government is doing. the country is in financial trouble because of loss revenue. so they decide to reduce spending, which meant people lost their jobs.

    i am still waiting for somebody to explain to me how laying people off helps a government and it’s revenue sheets. if you lay people off, then they are not paying taxes. if they are not paying taxes, then the greek government, or any government’s revenue problem worsens.

    the more people that are unemployed, the less revenue a government has to operate, yet this seems to be what the greek government thinks is the right thing to do. and if government has a revenue problem state wide, imagine the short fall on the county and city level. yet the greeks are making maters worse. they need to be trying to generate revenue, not reduce it. the whole lot needs to be voted out of office.

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    this bill is doa at obama’s desk. he said cuts and revenues, not cuts only. as a matter of fact, obama rejected it as soon as reid sent him the bill. reid, for his part, may have been bluffing.

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    the gang of 6 are not getting a penny from me. warner is a goper in disguise. the only true dems are durbin and reid, and i am not sure where their heads were when they drafted this plan. this is what the gop want.

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    entitlement programs are not on the table, jane. obama wants the right to think they are on the table. you have to look really hard at what is going on. every time obama agrees to what the right want, they move the goalpost higher. this angers the left, who think he is caving, when really [...]

  • i don’t think he does. obama cannot be that stupid to cut these entitlements when an election year is coming up. i think he is trying to box the gop in even more in the house, but i’ll wait and see. all he said is progress was being made, and we are headed in the right direction. that can mean anything. and obama knows if he tries to cut those entitlement programs, that pelosi and the house dems will vote “no,” so what does he gain? nothing is accomplished, cuz the senate dems will also vote “no.”

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    the wall street journal? really, the wall street journal? a conservative paper owned my murdoch is announcing that the very person the repubs do NOT want to head the agency is not on the short list? really?

    and you believe the wsj? really?

  • Obama did not issue a threat to the seniors and disabled of our country. What he made was a statement. A threat would be what he told cantor today after meeting with the GOP regarding the debt ceiling.
    he told them he would veto any bill that passes in Congress that does not give him what he wants and that he will go to the American people and inform them what the Gop are attempting to do. THAT, FDL, is a threat!

  • obama has really gotten on my last nerve. he is still playing mr nice. what he needs to do is channel his innerbush/cheney and get to gettin is what i say.
    you cannot talk nice to the gop. what do you have to say to him to get it through his thick skull. he needs to come right out and say america, the gop are behaving like terrorists. they want this country’s economy to collapse because they are protecting the wealthy. they want you to sacrifice while they wealthy increase their income. do not let this happen. here are your congressmen/women who are insisting that the rich not pay more in taxes, and loopholes not be closed.
    if you disagree with your reps stance, telephone, email, fax, etc. and get the message out that you do not approve. the gop are making this a crisis cuz they side with the 98% over the 2%.

  • To tell you the truth, both sides have gotten on my nerves. I have gotten to the point to where you couldn’t pay me enough to vote for Obama or anybody else at the moment. this stalemate is absurd.

    Maybe it is just me, but can’t Obama just sign an executive order raising the debt ceiling, or is that just wishful thinking? I’ve become tired of Obama and the left kowtowing to the right to make it appear their is bipartisanship. people want results, they want jobs, who gives a hootinnanny if the gop are on board

    if this were Bush he’d ram through whatever he wanted, the dems be damned! i wish Obama would act like this from time to time. he makes situations worse than what they need to be.

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    i always thought he was guilty. i just wonder why it took the jury nine days to reach that conclusion.

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    evidently wisconsin did not learn from indiana. governor daniels tried to this and planned parenthood sought and obtained an injunction. same thing will happen here.

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    as with all of their other attempts, a lawsuit will be filed to block this. the only people i see the gop employing are attornies. thanks to them activing like nazi’s,attorniesare the only people i see who are needed by law firms.

  • i cannot stand margaret thatcher. i lived in london in the 80′s during her premiership and found her cold hearted. nonetheless, i have to give her kudos for this.

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