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    Well said, WelshTerrier2, I have exactly the same problem with Reich. He is VERY eloquent when it comes to describing the importance of “demand” for economic growth. But he drops the ball when it comes to acknowledging that much of this production demand loss is from imports–and that they are displacing American production from the [...]

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    ThumbnailTariffs:The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Fairy Tale Once again, it’s necessary to debunk the Globalist fairy tales about the “damage” caused by the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. Below is a copy of U.S. GDP from 1929 through 1939. These are official government figures from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Below is a copy of the chart that has key [...]

  • I hope they strike it down. It’s a shit plan

    I agree. I hope they strike down the mandate. It’s just a windfall for the Health Insurance industry if it is not struck down.

    The mandate was just an outright sell-out to Obama’s new rich friends in the health insurance industry.

  • Striking down the individual mandate alone would be the best possible outcome for populists and progressives. It would keep the bulk of the law intact, and eliminate the guaranteed windfall for private insurers that the individual mandate conferred.

    There would be no forced demand increase if the mandate was removed, thus no upward price pressure on health care premiums.

  • Exactly right. Executing an American citizen without a trial, or even an indictment is murder.

    Obama should be impeached for this un-Constitutional and illegal action.

    He’s not going to win any support with his base with this act, and very little from independents.

  • Well, I can’t wait to see them to cut rates, since they’ve already increased them by about 10% for both myself and my wife this year. This sounds like a PR ploy.

    If they’ve already raised them 10%, and they cut them 2..5%, then they’re still raising them 7.5%.

  • Good assessment, emptywheel.

    Crowley certainly is far too close to the issue, and only sees a small part of the wrongdoing. Crowley’s only criticism is of how Manning is being treated as–what Crowley perceives of as–a probably guilty criminal.

    In fact Manning further enlightened Americans to the war crimes that are being committed in our name–and previously without our knowledge.

    Bradley Manning is a national hero. It’s unfortunate that Crowley had to interject his own pro-Obama, pro-Corporatist, pro-Authoritarian v iewpoint into his piece.

    The President is not a King. The Constitution limits his authority by design. He has NO authority to authorize the torture or abuse of prisoners, be they foreign or domestic.

    The treatment of Bradley Manning is absolutely illegal and un-Constitutional. If Obama really was the Constitutional lawyer he is touted as being, he would have ORDERED the release of Bradley Manning (since, as commander-and-chief of the armed forces, that is within his authority).

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    Defense Secretary Robert Gates said from the outset that just implementing a no-fly zone was an act of war, in and of itself. And he said this well in advance of the Obama decision to intervene.

    If it was an act of war a month ago, then it is still an act of war.

    Obama has essentially committed an act-of-war without getting the consent of those he is most responsible to, and who have the Constitutionally proscribed authority to declare war–the Congress of the United States.

    Even Bush went to Congress before invading Iraq.

  • No, it is not a default public option plan. To the contrary, it is a default individual mandate. Those that are not buying insurance are are effectively paying for other people’s insurance, even when they don’t have any themselves.

    This plan is not one iota different than an individual mandate. It is still a handout to the Health Insurance Cartel. It is still Corporate Welfare at its worst.

    A public option would allow those who want to participate to pay for a plan that charges only enough to cover the cost of health care only (but not anything more to cover Corporate profits like private insurance does).

    Those who choose not to participate do not pay anything.

    The individual mandate IS unconstitutional, and should be revoked. Forcing people to pay private insurers for a service, regardless of whether that service is wanted or not, is outright Fascism.

  • HAMP is all chicken feed.

    No real attempt was ever made to write down the principal of the mortgages, which is the only thing that would have helped borrowers in the long run.

    Instead, Treasury has made sure that banks and lenders don’t lose any money on their principal, by advocating only for changing the payment schedule on loans. With the Treasury’s sicko policy, borrowers still owe the same amount of principal–ensuring that the lender is not losing any money–and thus continue to pay themselves huge bonuses based on the fictional value of the loans they created.

  • Well said, Jon.

    Forcing people to buy private insurance is mandating that people buy a product from a private company. It is counterproductive, since increasing the demand increases pricing power and prices of private insurance. Private insurers will not lower prices because the “can.” They’ll only lower them when forced to by competition. This increases demand without increasing competition, virtually guaranteeing that the price of health insurance will rise.

  • iI’ve been tracking this stuff for the last 17 years. There are drugs that have been on the market for over 40 years that are still under patent exclusivity. The patent is simply sold by one manufacturer to another manufacturer, which somehow confers extended exclusivity of the drug’s manufacture to the new owner of the patent.

    The drug oxandrolone is a perfect case in point. It has been on the market since the 1960′s, and has never been made by more than one manufacturer. It’s price to consumers has increased over 100-fold since the the 60′s, which is implausible in a truly free market where a drug’s production–completely synthesized in a lab–has been known about for this length of time.

    Even more interesting is that the only entities that can import drugs from a foreign source are the current American drug manufacturers. So in the case of oxandrolone, the American producer of the drug can import it, but patients and doctors cannot. (I’ve talked to and discussed this extensively with the US Customs Dept.)

    Talk about a rigged system.

  • I agree. Pelosi falsely claimed she wouldn’t bring this to the floor in its *current form.* But she did. And it passed by an overwhelming majority by Democrats alone 139-112.

    If all Republicans had gone home for Christmas vacation, the bill still would have passed based on just the Democrats votes.

    *Pathetic* understates the case by 100 light years.

  • Though the tax-everyone plan has some merit, it will still drive insurance costs upward. Individuals should still retain the option of not purchasing insurance at all. Even with a public option, a mandate that everyone has some type of insurance increases demand, and forces prices upward.

    Forcing Americans to partake in an area of commerce, even when provided with a public option, pushes the envelope on Constitutionality–and of freedom itself.

    I am a HUGE fan of the Public Option.

    But it should remain as the name suggests– Optional.