• Everything being piled on – contributes to this mess. That is – a chilling, but not surprising article. Seeing the connection all these threads in our society have in the unweaving of it, is helpful I think in finding ways to at least try and put it back together. Could be too late. The forces are adept these days at intimidating and silencing anyone who attempts to expose the ugly under-belly of what drives our world. Always have been I suppose. The technology only ultimately helps their cause I am beginning to realize more and more.

    Youth growing up with the disconnect that realistic video games – with no consequences – bring … are indeed going to have a foundational disadvantage when it comes to dealing with reality. They are also going to be lazy about *understanding* it – I will just sit here and escape it all. Look I just blew something up; killed the enemy; created a world. What? You want me to read/listen/watch something related to my government/economy/real-life existence? Could you condense that please – dumb it down – spoon feed it to me quick so I can get back to my PS3 life please? There are exceptions of course, but not a far stretch to say there is a majority now that are eerily like that.

    David House is a remarkable young man for having the courage he shows standing up for his friend. Remove any judgment on Bradley and just look at what David has/is doing. Jane is right to be supporting that as she is.

    Jane is also right – that this is all very much not – about her.

  • Yes, the latter part was satire, but don’t forget, satire has a point. I agree with what you said, so obviously my point doesn’t apply to you. In otherwords, the shoe doesn’t fit, so don’t feel obliged to wear it. The people who should wear it, and there are some/many here, don’t even know what the metaphorical shoe is, let alone how to put it on, so I guess the comment was likened to spitting into a strong headwind.

    LOL …for my own edification I am very careful about not making assumptions based on little words typed in boxes until I am well acquainted with the intelligent snark ability of them that is typing the little words. Your rating just went up :)

  • Yes, that is certainly part of it, but a much larger part is that they haven’t the capacity to GROK it. They have been dumbed down by an educational system with that purpose in mind, and they are distracted 24/7 with electronic media entertainment and/or idle trivial chatter.

    It makes you feel that all of this time you’re spending on the inter tubes has been worthwhile. It’s paying off. You’re part of something. You’re completing yourself.

    I agree with the former – but have to ponder the latter: are you being sarcastic or serious? There are times in my frustration over what is happening in this country, that the only small solace I find is in the ability to connect online, even if just in reading similar thoughts – with people people who *get it* re what is going on in this country. For me that is not egotistic … it is a survival/sanity mechanism. And as for the dumbing down – amen. It is all part of the ever-thus bigger plan by them that would like to manipulate us into subservience – or bring the film Idiocracy to life. It has been going on for a LONG time and you would think we would get wise and fix that. No – it is only getting worse. And those that do try to break out of the cycle, get vilified. I do not have any answers, but I know sitting down, shutting up and not trying to find *some* way to counter the process – is not productive.

  • Morning light brings even more appreciation for how you are handling this Jane – it can’t become in anyway about you. Stay out of the weeds – put help push the lawnmower :-)?

  • Agree with all you said. Your comment about the under 35 group not comprehending the seriousness of what is going on in this country is prescient – they are not and that plays right into the negative things going on in this country being allowed to continue. But sadly, I think that is in no small part because many of them are simply too occupied with trying to SURVIVE in this economy …I also personally feel that is by design. And speaking of by design – anyone contemplate the sad possibility – that Bradleys family & friends other than David, have been intimidated into … being very, very quiet? Personally I hate to go down that thinking path – but then there are a lot of those these days I do not WANT to go down, but have to anyway.

    Sigh … sad, sad deal all around.

  • John Perkins, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” Haiti=poster child for……


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