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  • Valency commented on the blog post It is Unacceptable For Sebelius to Ignore Congress

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    Remember when we were outraged about Karl Rove dodging testifying before congress? Yes, he was subpoena’d and Sibelius isn’t, yet, but it shouldn’t take a fucking subpoena to get a public servant to testify.

    Obama: institutionalizing Bush-era imperiousness once again. And ignored on the non-firebagger blogs, because even they can’t figure out how to spin this one positively.

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    Even better, “Le Monde” is a considered a center-right newspaper in France.

    Its coverage is generally pro-gay-marriage and certainly anti “La Manif Pour Tous” (the major anti-gay marriage group in France).

    Shows how far skewed right America’s media has become.

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    I know. He’s been trying to do that for almost six years now.

    You’re almost right, you know. First Obama offer I can remember to cut social security dates back to 2010. For at least three years, Obama has had a cut on the table. What if a Republican did this etc.

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    Hey, Tbogg.

    Say I’m Obama. How much sexism does signing the Violence Against Women Act buy me? For future reference?

    I mean, is it just, like, a few comments, like “hey, sweetie” and “woa, hot, much?” Or can I actually slap Kamela Harris’s ass? Enquiring minds want to know.

    The groupthink on this issue is remarkable. The man’s your standard “feminist in public, skirt chaser in private” Clinton-style hypocrite. We knew this right back when he was working on Scarlett Johannsson, before the silly girl blew the whole thing.

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    Is it just me, or does this have the potential to be a really explosive story? I mean, there’s not much left of McCain-Feingold, but even so, what is left of this arrangement does seem to make this completely, flagrantly illegal.

    Just as well I’m no longer an Obama supporter so I don’t have to tie myself in logical knots defending the guy, like the Kossacks will undoubtedly do. (So far they’re ignoring the story, as per usual.)

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    Exactly. Consider the Adolph Hitler maneuver: the senate votes to vest its power into precisely one man, who will serve as dictator, declares itself in permanent recess, and declares the new law is one that cannot reversed by a future senate. Would such a “law” be beyond judicial review?

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    No lover of Susan Rice, but this is obviously a capitulation from Obama. Once again he’s rewarded Republican obstructionism and thus, enabled it.

  • Hate to sound like a broken record, but, again, we have total silence on this hearing from the front page of Daily Kos. True, you can discover Jesselyn Raddack’s blogging if you know to look for it — her latest blog has a total of four comments thus far. Almost complete indifference to this story from the mainstream left blogs.

  • Does she make the front page? Then she doesn’t count. That’s exactly how Daily Kos’s “community moderation” works. They are never so unsubtle as to outright ban you, just push you to the margins of the site. Unless you’re pro-Palestinian, then you get banned.

  • Not a blip from DailyKos or the other alledged netroots blogs, either, people. Markos Moulitsas, the “liberal” who tried to join the CIA, and his cabal of “community moderators”, believe Obama can do no wrong, and are not interested in the civil liberties issues of this trial. They’d rather keep attention on comfortable issues like the debt ceiling.

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    Epic f… oh, i can’t bear to use the cliche. But it’s epic in its epicness, nonetheless.

  • In the current economic climate, this is a bit like going a women’s group and laughing about all the shenanigans you had to go through to conceal your relationship with your current wife from your former wife.

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    Max Reed made a poor choice of example: overwhelmingly, upper middle class Linux engineers are rabidly progressive, not libertarian Ron Paul supporters. There’s the vocal Eric Raymond, but absent self-promotion, his contributions to Linux, or indeed computer science in general, are virtually nonexistent.

  • Umm.. Rupie… dear

    IT’s probably a good idea not to use the words “surging” and “Santorum” in the same sentence. Mind you you’ve been out of touch for quite a while. I thought you were angling for the Ronald Reagan defense during your testimony at the Leveson inquiry. This whole twitter thing is clearly something to occupy your tired, befeebled mind while James gets on with the serious business of shredding documents and covering both your asses from the legal consequences of your underling’s little phone hacking scam. Perhaps you should just give up the politics and just post about how hot your Chinese trophy wife is. I’m sure Wendi’s being extra nice now she senses the reading of the will is near.

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    Is it refreshing or depressing to see that Herman Cain doesn’t even know how to duck a question? I mean even George Bush knew to say something vague and equivocal like “I’m a uniter, not a divider” when the abortion question came up. He’s gonna have a hard time backtracking on these comments during the actual presidential run.

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    All these posts claiming Obama is a stalking horse for the right, or schizoid…

    Look: Barack Obama is clearly a raving narcissist. For all that he criticises his father in “Dreams…” he clearly inherited his slippery personality and temperament. In fact Obama has no activating principles… he’s a preening con-man who gets ahead by schmoozing, taking credit for other people’s work and telling people what they want to hear. Now that he’s got himself the top job, that means parroting inside the beltway conventional wisdom and giving the powerful what they want. Narcissists tell you exactly what you want to hear, and drop you the instant they no longer need you. Obama has decided he no longer needs the left.

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    Wow, publishing and implementing the law in defiance of a court order: now they are up for contempt of court charges, plus they have raised a federal question due to this being certain violation of due process and equal protection.

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    Worst. Sex. Ever.

    Plus, he shoots enough pre-ejaculate to soak her “up to her elbow?” In direct response to stimulation?

    The man has never actually had sex, obviously.

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