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    oh yes, I was in college but I remember too…”wake me up before you go-go!”

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    Gawd, that was my reaction to Liberace as well!

    I remember thinking, as a young 10 year old, why do these older women find him attractive and don’t they know, um, that it’s not reciprocal? So weird.

    Anyhoo, for the Memorial Day pool party I’m bringing lobster roll sliders and bourbon baked beans. Here’s the link to the baked beans:

    The lobster rolls are easy, just use your favorite recipe and put on those little slider buns (I use King’s Hawaiian)

    Oh and margaritas. Natch.

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    I went to school with one of his kids. (He has 9 I think)

    And he’s a bigger a**hole than you can even imagine. I know, hard to fathom.

    I think a few of his kids no longer speak to him.

  • I have four large raised beds that I got from I love them. Made from cedar and no tools to put them together, just a pin-and-hole construction. They are very good looking, which is important to me.

    I’m thinking of starting an organic garden blog as my new year’s resolution :)

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    This made me laugh.
    My husband is a chef and we’ve owned/operated a restaurant for 15 years.
    He says “The grandeur of a kitchen is inversely proportionate to how much cooking takes place there”

  • For all the people who talk to me about 9/11 “conspiracy theorists” I’m the only one who’s actually read the Commission Report. Multiple times.
    Facts scare people.
    Which brings us back to why the American people were so quick to “believe” the magic bullet theory. The alternative is too frightening.
    So let’s move on.
    W. torturing? Yes, but let’s move on.

    This country is suffering from a lack of accountability. For everything.

  • I’m going to keep that…it’s lovely

  • My husband has a baby movie of him at age 5 months waiting in line to see JFKs body lying in state. There are thousands of people snaking around the park, all dressed in black and crying and my husband crawling on the grass with a little black suit on and a big grin. The oddest family movie you’d ever see.

  • With all due respect that is a logical fallacy.

    Conspiracy comes from the Latin, “to breathe together” conspirare. All actions involving more than one person (knowingly or not) are conspiracies. The “official” 9/11 Report depends upon a conspiracy of 19 hijackers and their supporters. And no one else. Yeah, right.

    It’s highly possible that Oswald was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and was used by others in a conspiracy without his understanding. (I can see a Palin fulfilling the same role…a patsy for puppetmasters)

  • On a side note, but related, RIP Chalmers Johnson, who died yesterday I believe at 79.

    His books are an amazing eye opener about the imperialism and militarism which has been on a fast track ever since JFK’s assassination.

    Definite must reads.

    Rest in Peace, Chal.