• …this case is particularly stunning because these were military contractors working in cooperation with a supposed FBI investigation. They were placed in detention and tortured when there cover was blown and, in the aftermath, have been denied key information on how they ended up becoming torture victims. If there is no recourse for them, what recourse is there for any US citizen abused by their government?

    You got it. This is how it goes in this faux-democracy that is the United States of Empire. Any of us could be next.

    Of course, the US is not ready or needful of the political and social upheaval that would entail from a mass crack-down, but save that for the day when it is necessary. What the Vance-Ertel decision shows, however, that what some in the past called “creeping fascism” or dictatorship is advancing perhaps faster than we could have considered. The total corruption of the judiciary and the banning of civil society organization are the two things to look for in the establishment of a totalitarian regime. The former is already well advanced.