• Before the Nazis invaded the USSR, the population of that country was 196,700,000, by the end of the war, 170,500,000. That’s over 26 million people; over 8 million were military deaths alone. Compare this with the United States’ losses: 406,000 killed (and many more wounded).

    While U.S. losses are horrific, it is clear from the casualty count alone that the Soviets bore the brunt of Hitler’s war. But even more amazing is that this basic, core truth is considered forgotten, unknown.

    How sick and demented is this society that the sacrifice of tens of millions in the war against fascism is a matter of historical ignorance, or maybe even worse, indifference. The population of this country should rend its clothes and dress in sackcloth for the horrendous shame brought upon itself for dishonoring such a sacrifice.

    Of course, these kinds of losses go a long way to understanding, though not necessarily condoning, the paranoia and military exigency (as they saw it) behind the Soviet expansionist policy in East Europe after the war.

    I will be interested to see what the episode on The Bomb has to offer. It is still a sore subject indeed. The truth is the U.S. used Hiroshima and Nagasaki as experiments in nuclear war on urban centers. After the bomb dropped, the U.S. created the Atomic Bomb Casualties Commission (ABCC), which studied the survivors of this mass butchery, but which also to provide the survivors needed and scarce medical treatment, because that would have interfered with their scientific experiment. Susan Lindee wrote about all this in her book, Suffering Made Real: American Science and the Survivors at Hiroshima .

    Or, how many know that soon after arriving in Japan, Gen. MacArthur, the head of the occupation government, instituted heavy censorship on any information coming out of Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Or that he ABCC worked with war criminals from Unit 731, who had experimented on poisons and bacteriological weapons on living prisoners? Or that these criminals were given amnesty by the U.S. in exchange for the data they derived from their illegal and highly unethical lethal experiments? (See this article from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists)

    I would think almost no one at this site, which has many very political and concerned individuals coming here regularly, even know about it. We’ll see what Stone comes up with in this episode.

    Keep up the good work, Kevin.