• Great reporting, Kevin. It’s amazing to read about much (though not all) of went on behind the scenes with Manning’s abuse at Quantico.

    I can’t help, though, but compare this process and the ability for Manning’s attorney’s to question his jailers with what NEVER happens at Guantanamo. Jason Leopold and I published a story earlier today that details some of the terrible things that happened to Adnan Latif, who died mysteriously at Guantanamo last September. Between the forced drugging, the beatings, the attempts to isolate him from his attorneys, and more, the story after many years is just coming out.


    Latif said he also was visited in the psychiatric ward by “two military lawyers” who encouraged him to fire Remes and asked him “to sign a paper firing you [Remes],” which he refused to do. The same incident also happened in January of 2010, Latif said, except that time Latif claimed he was given an injection prior to being visited by a military lawyer who wanted him to fire Remes. Latif said he believed “they wanted to have no one report” his death.

    Well, at least Manning is still alive. The government and mainstream press is already coalesced around a suicide via drug overdose narrative. But Leopold and I explain why this is near impossible. I hope readers will follow and support this story. Manning is only getting a hearing because he had popular support. The “nobodies” at Guantanamo are not people Americans readily identify with. That is too bad, because without the precedent of Guantanamo, the abuse of Bradley Manning would not have happened.