• Just to be clear, there is no competition between the cases of Bradley Manning and the detainees at Guantanamo. The differences are important, in that Bradley’s case is about defending a whistleblower, is connected to the Assange case, so is also about freedom of the press. The government has come down hard on a number of whistleblowers who have acted out of conscience.

    The detainees at Guantanamo, after you subtract a small number of accused hardcore terrorists, had no agenda, except perhaps defense of their homes. Guantanamo IS a war crime.

    They are connected through similarities in the kinds of abuse meted out by the government.

    I was only commenting on how Bradley is getting, albeit not without struggle and a lot of support, his day in court. There are those held by the US at Gitmo and in Afghanistan who do not get that, and whose stories have not garnered the kind of attention Manning’s has. I think I understand the reasons for that, but sometimes it just needs to be pointed out. It’s not a question of supporting one more than the other. It’s about supporting both, and I should point out that Kevin and FDL has done that over the years.