• disclosure of the classified information at issue would be detrimental to national security in that the information relates to the sources, methods, and activities by which the United States defends against international terrorism and terrorist organizations

    Paste this piece of boilerplate on your notebooks, boys and girls, because in the hawkish national security state that Obama augurs for four more years, you’re going to have boilerplate mash like this coming out of your ears. Just hold your noses, the stench is that of rotting corpses… literally.

    As for “the Miami Herald, ABC, Inc., Associated Press, Bloomberg News, CBS Broadcasting, Inc., Fox News Network, The McClatchy Company, National Public Radio, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Reuters, Tribune Company. Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post “… I sure am sorry they didn’t win their case. But the idiot government doesn’t get that these media will sanitize whatever comes out of the trial, or spin it in an acceptable way.

    Why, they’ve already convinced us 21st century Americans that 17 and 18th century Europe had it all wrong when over that period they outlawed torture. But thanks to the mainstream media folk, we now know that it’s a matter of opinion whether an interrogation method is legal or bad or “enhanced”. Also, in a more bitter vein, I’ve watched them take a dive an issue that could split Guantanamo wider open that the US’s paranoid fear of an Al Qaeda raid on the Cuban island: and that is the issue of overdrugging prisoners, forcibly, and the scandals behind those who have died there.

    The brutality is intense, and unlike that of Bradley Manning, it did not end. But the administration stonewalls and the media turn away.

    Thanks, Kevin, for staying on the Gitmo beat.