• Ya know, at first I thought you wrote “beyond ‘immediately licking time bombs’”. But that didn’t seem right some how. Well, then I discovered I misread it. But if the word came down we should be “licking” time bombs, why, I don’t suppose we couldn’t do that, for fear of getting a GOP president some day!

    I don’t even think about such things as “morality” and “sanity” anymore. This is the bracing freedom of adopting the glorious world of mainstream America. Torture is for TV shows. Politicians are always crooked, but we weep at their funerals, giggle over their trysts, and don’t think about them otherwise.

    Here’s a quarter for the Salvation Army bell-ringer, Bob! Who’s going to be in the Super Jingoism Bowl?

    I was duped by Petraeus… really!!! Mea culpa.