• Jeff Kaye commented on the blog post Details on CIA Torture & Guantanamo Deaths Remain Concealed

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    Kevin, thanks for the great coverage of the whole torture issue. These are truly frustrating times for those who oppose torture, assassination, and war, and stand for human rights and rule of law.

    One point in your article I wanted to correct. While I did co-write the article with Jason Leopold that cites the letter Latif wrote to his attorney about being set-up with contraband material, the Truthout article’s lead author on that story was Jason Leopold, and I assisted. So really, all those places where it says “Kaye wrote,” it should say “Leopold and Kaye” — or more familiarly, Jason and Jeff ;-)

    Anyway, just like to keep the record clear.

    As for that notorious film, it’s not something I really care to see, but I suppose I’ll have to to be able to have any kind of informed or honest opinion.