• Saleh Al Hanashi was so closely watched and guarded and his cell was searched, how & where would he have been able to hide the pills?

    I presume you mean Adnan Latif there. Al Hanashi supposedly tied from self-asphyxiation, i.e., he supposedly strangled himself to death.

    Surely there will be a lot more coming out around the whole cause of death issue. Same goes with manner of death. How does DoD know the overdose was “self-inflicted”? They won’t say.

    We need DoD to release the autopsy report. There’s no reason not too. Nothing is being protected here. Only public outcry can wedge it out of their hands earlier. Lacking any clear reason, I can only think publicity around the holding of Latif’s body is what finally sent it from an Air Force base in Germany to Yemen. But what’s next on Latif’s corpse’s bizarre odyssey is anyone’s guess.