• Thanks so much for your in-depth coverage of this very important topic, Kevin. What a great service you are doing, and of course it is very important that we listen to those out there, like Appelbaum and Drake and Binney.

    Speaking of Binney, I posted a video of him talking to RT, explaining why there is no more privacy in the US, and how the government has collected copies of all your emails (and FBI has access to them all).


    But the larger issue, hinted at in your article about the Senate vote, is that the Democratic Party is the enabler of this surveillance state. The Wydens are in the very small minority, and in fact, the fact he is a Democrat means that some will have faith in the Democrats to change things. They will not.

    We have already gone through the looking glass. We are there. We should be thankful for what small playpen of “freedom” is still allowed us, before the voices are stilled forever.