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    So long and thanks for all the fishSnowtrashocalypse…

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    Please tell me she’s running for office next cycle… and if so, where do I send my $20.00… you just can’t buy quality entertainment like this anymore…

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    Unimpressed Wembley is unimpressed…

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    This is tame compared to the tin-foil hat brigade now openly claiming that Obama used the HAARP secret weather control machine to aim a massive storm at the East Coast in the final days of the campaign…

    I shit you not! This is now mainstream thought (or what passes for it) in the GOP…

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  • USC/SDSU… let’s see, last year one of these teams went to a bowl game in January… the other went on vacation… which was which again?

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    Oh God… I feel like I need to wash…

    There was something specially special about watching this with the sidebar ad of Fox 5′s “Two-and-a-half Men” and Charlie Sheen leering at scantily clad girls with TBogg’s “Toss me a Bone” line for his Amazon Wish List sitting there while some matronly Disney voice over artist shills for Kotex for the younger set…

    There’s a line about art imitating life in here somewhere but I’m too tired to reach for it…

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    So, I see that we here in San Diego just lost our last daily independent newspaper, now that our own local low-rent, would-be Charles Foster Kane — Doug Manchester — has completed the purchase of the North County Times…

    Good, we can look forward to more front page editorials on why local tax payers need to buy Doug a new football stadium, while closing public parks and laying off firefighters…

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    Living in East County, I have pretty easy access to the Santee and La Mesa markets, even if they are not scheduled very conveniently. But in October, we’re moving down to the Normal Heights area and it would be really cool to have an on-going centralized Farmers’ Market! That will be awesome!

    Question: Do we *have* to let people from La Jolla use it?

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    Merry Christmas to the all the Bogginistas! From all of us trapped out here in deepest darkest Redneckistan (Lakeside/Santee): 619 Represent!

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  • But T-Bogg… the UT’s new owners tell me I *must* support a new stadium or the NFL will take away our football team and give it to the quiche-eating vaguely effeminate bastarados of North San Die…errr… Los Angeles!

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    Sorry T-Bogg, I live out here in deepest darkest Redneckistan (Lakeside)… all you had to say was “Republican Party of San Diego County,” and I knew I was going to be spitting milk out my nose…

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    p.s. See you down at the OSD? Maybe?

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    I think you just glossed Longnecker. Henceforth and forever more, let it be known that John Longnecker’s name is now “The Big Hegel.

    That is all.

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    I have been banned from trscoop for calling out their sociopathic commentators for being ignorant rubes and thugs.

    On Elizabeth Warren’s class warfare video statement she released, one nimrod at trscoop said simply “she’s a communist and a lesbian, ’nuff said.” I responded by saying “and you’re just dumb enough to think those are insults. What a tool!” and for this I am cast into the outer darkness…

    Talk about a glass chin!

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    Exalted High Mooseking of the Sacred Ratty-Ass Bump-it of Wasilla snowtribe.

    Bastard! You owe me most of a cup of coffee… and possibly a new computer keyboard!

    It’s not often I nearly pass out from laughing…

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    I get what your saying about Neil Gaiman… it’s really an acquired taste. I had to start reading American Gods a few times before I could get through it. However, I have come around to being a Gaiman fan.

    That said… there’s no way something like the Sandman series, should be beating out Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End or Steven Donaldson’s Thomas Convenant the Unbeliever series or Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash… and I’m sure if I thought about it I could think of some notable omissions from that list altogether.

    And yes… I am a great big nerd. Rock on, Geek Nation!

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