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  • VCarlson commented on the blog post Herman Cain’s Wang Creates Opening For Santorum

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    When I first saw that headline on TBogg’s page, I read that “Santorum” as scrotum. Reading it correctly did not actually make me feel better about Little Ricky.

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    Faith Family and Freedom…fuck I am so sick of this shit from Republicans

    I’ve come to the realization that one of the things that just gets up my nose about these shitheads is the fact that they are so frequently lecturing on morality to their betters.

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    I am so tired of this “He’s our Commander in Chief” line. I think it’s a symptom, myself. Neither Obama nor any other President is my “Commander in Chief,’ as I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the U.S. military. Also, and I could be wrong, since I learned it on [...]

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    My youngest cat wouldn’t even wait a day, I’m pretty sure.

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    Maybe someone further downthread has done this already, but I’m going to make a try. One of the pro-Nader folk further upthread said something about anti-Nader folk holding them personally responsible for Junior being sworn in as Prez in 2001.

    Speaking as only one anti-Nader, no, I don’t (I’m sure you can find at least one who does, because people are weird). I think Nader demonstrated his unfitness for high office by letting his personal dislike of Gore cause him to run in close states (like FL), something he said he wouldn’t do.

    Yeah, Gore ran a lousy campaign. He had a seriously bad running mate in Lieberman (I like to think it was a ploy to get Holy Joe out of the Senate, myself). He made other mistakes, too.

    That said, I think Nader, by deliberately running as a spoiler in Florida, made it possible for Junior to steal the election. So I blame Nader, who helped.

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    Recall how the king called US terrorists, insurgents, traitors?

    Except now it’s the President, and TPTB, calling us terrorists, etc. Whatta diff, huh?

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    We’re in a class war.  The rich are getting wealthy at the expense of everyone else, raping and pillaging both the economy and the middle class. Things continue to get better for them as they get worse for you, and both parties are complicit in making that happen.

    It’s why I no longer identify as a Dem. They are not only complicit, they are active participants. Just, in many ways, more dishonest than the Republicans. Or maybe it’s my upbringing – the lies and hypocrisy of the Rs are well-known and long-standing to me, while I remember a time when the Ds were pretty much doing what they said they’d do.

    At any rate, the “flubs” and “weaknesses” of the Ds have been far too consistently benefitting the wealthy/powerful over everyone else for too long to be accidental, and lately, they aren’t even bothering to pretend. When equality and social support are always the things that just can’t be addressed now, in this crisis, it’s time to say goodbye.

    I don’t even bring this up with my folks anymore, as it seems to make them want to cry, and worry about me. They’re in their 80s, and living in not-Austin Central Texas, where they are generally regarded as wild-eyed liberals.

    I have other theoretically liberal friends who are also unable to give up their memories long enough to see today’s reality. Remembering my folks, I try to sound quiet and dispassionate, and point out easily-verified things to think about. However, for many, it seems their emotional attachment is too strong to overcome even Obama’s repeated public statements about wanting his “Grand Bargain” of cutting SS/M/M.

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    the New York Times explains today that the rating people are independent from the leadership of McGraw-Hill. That reassures me no end.

    Kinda like Murdoch’s purchase of the WSJ was not going to have any effect.

    I’m not going to bother looking it up, but I’m guessing that the NYT pushed that line, too.

  • Won’t take long with a kitten. ‘Specially a little female.

    Dunno ’bout that. I got a nice little female about 15 months ago to keep my then 11yo female company. They are Not Friends. They do, pretty much, tolerate each other, and have the occasional boxing match or hissfest. They also, occasionally, play together. That’s been happening slightly more often, so maybe Marlowe is getting used to Nani Wai, and maybe Nani Wai has figured out she gets her own special attention. I’d do it over again, btw.

  • I want a clear statement, such as the one we got from Kennedy, that religious duty does not trump the oath to uphold the Constitution.

    Kennedy had to do that because of blatant anti-Catholic bigotry. I’m pretty sure the “concern” that he’d take his orders from the Pope were the “weird” of the time.

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    Not to mention the “help” we get from our little spellcheckers. Just this am, I went to search “Adolf Hitler” on Wikipedia. By the time I hit the search button, I was searching “Adopt Hitler.” Horrifying in itself, though there are no existing pages on that subject, and I was invited to create one.

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    It’s an IMF/G20 thing where everyone who is anyone is now supposed to do austerity.

    IOW, “All the cool kids are doing it.”


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    We are not his base. We were Candidate Obama’s base, but we were never, ever President Obama’s base.

    You speak my mind.

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    2. Social Security tax holiday to weaken SS, everybody knows what this means in the long run</

    Trouble is, I don't think everybody does realize this. I think most people see it as a little more money in their pockest (except for the very poor, for whom it was a cut), and don't realize that it's the first step in turning SS from an insurance operation everyone has a stake in to a "handout," which makes it much easier to get rid of – not to mention defund. Hm. A passive attack, using on a seemingly benign action. Seems to be BHO's MO.

    I first had this pointed out here at FDL. Most people don't read FDL, and the corporate media sure aren't going to point this out.

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    If the clever guys at the White House don’t realize they’ve hit their tipping point,

    And they are almost exclusively guys. My bad feelings about the man began with his patronizing responses to women, backed up by his FISA vote.

    I haven’t cared enough about the man enough to follow his pronouncements (I just assume he’s going to say something vaguely positive, slap a few hippies, and go back to his true work of dismantling the New Deal and/or the Great Society). So the statistics about the WH avoidance of getting on record for anything less than 2/3 popularity (outside their core concern – see ND/GS destruction) is new and telling to me. Looks like he only acts for what he’s truly for (and, not being stupid, does it behind the scenes and under cover where he can), and just let’s polling define his “positions” on anything else.

    Based on what he does, we have a Prez who wants to kill the safety net for ordinary folk, who is very much in favor of having life-and-death power over anyone, and actively attacks any attempts to make him answerable for his crimes (getting tame lawyers to opine in your favor does not make murder or torture any less a crime). Not a good picture I’m seeing.

  • VCarlson commented on the diary post New York Times’ Panic Reporting Gets S&P, Markets 180 Degrees Wrong by Scarecrow.

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    … straight jacket …

    Just a language quibble. It’s strait jacket – one that limits or constrains you. Strait, as in “straitened means,” “Bering Strait,” etc.

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    Perhaps no one here assumes he is/was a liberal. I do know a number of folks who assume he’s a liberal, for various reasons.

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    mores the pity,of taking over from a Cretan like Chimpy

    So now I have this image of Junior, in his flight suit, in the maze with the Minotaur. I don’t think he would have done well.

  • VCarlson commented on the blog post The Secret Of O’s Failccess

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    and is relying on stupidity, loyalty and apathy to shield him from criticism

    Don’t forget racism. IMO, it’s just as racist to assume an African-American person must be liberal (or at least not conservative) as it is to assume that person is some negative stereotype (yes, I know that to some, “liberal” is a negative).

  • I’m pretty sure it began on a button. Someone may have worked it into a story by now. It’s a riff on Gandalf (Tolkein): “Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle, and quick to anger.” I’m pretty sure that’s the wording.

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