• Its horrible because Gore like had the election stolen, or something.

    I guess there werent complaints when Howard Dean fifty-stated the Republicans asses years back, but hey, repeal that electoral college thingy. Its totally ridiculous that those filthy fly-overs like the Dakotas actually matter. They should be more modest, like the Great Blue Banana Republics of New York and Michigan whom forced the rest of the nation to bailout their own state industries. I mean, California has so many more union cronies, illegal immigrants, and dead people than the other states, they HAVE to count more than West Virgina than they already do. Besides, a Firedoglake blogger just said we must, that means something.

  • Actually, Little Lord Fuckpants, er, excuse me, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is just saying what everyone but the rank-and-file liberals know.

    The kind of monstrous welfare state that NYC is and liberalism/socialism always inevitably produces can only be financed by big money or collapse on itself.

    Other than forcibly take more and more of the people’s money and freedoms (which is a temporarily solution with a bad endgame as the USSR suggests, not that the Little Lord himself didn’t try), the only other solution is “neoliberalism”. The same solution NYC reached long ago and Bill Clinton, Algore, and the DLC concluded for the entire Demorat Party: write the laws to suit and favor Big Business completely and then in return tax as much of what they make as possible to feed the socialist beast.

    Wall Street is a monster that rules NYC within a clenched iron fist. This same monster almost singlehandedly powers NYC gigantic welfare state of handouts, big pensions, big government. Take away Wall Street, and say bye bye to one of the great nexuses of socialism. See the scam yet?

  • Good article. There was always a reason I at least sorta liked FireDogLake compared to the rest of the progressive dreck. Not only did this article let slip the truism that the Main Scheme Media is biased towards the establishment Demorat Party (heavens, what will John Stewart say?), but its possibly the only progressive blurb on the internets anywhere that admit the OWS kids are already proving useful idiots for the D-Rat machine. The unions whom have looted the coffers dry through corrupt “collective bargaining” and the MSNBC shills who sell their propaganda are now on hand to help the OWS “lean forward”. When does the carpetbagger/progressive rockstar Millionaire Mike “End Capitalism” Moore show up? Oh, he did I see. I suppose George Soros is next, or is he there too already; that’s literally “rich”, one of the biggest banksters on the planet leading an overthrow of “the banks”.

    So, good article, but I wonder if there’s still not enough introspection here. After all, Wall Street’s conquest of America is the pinnacle of liberalism and neoliberalism. Anytime justice was coming for the national banks, Big Government stepped in and saved them, such as the OCC did during the Smiley Vs. Citibank SC case. Take Wall Street away from New York, as the OWS wants, and the bloated welfare state there crumbles like a wafer; turns out, the only way to keep the housing assistance checks and big union pensions going in NYC was to make a Faustian bargain with the Masters of the Universe. Obama’s biggest contributors were not the sheeple chanting “Yes We Can” but Government Sachs, described once as a “Keynesian hot house” by the WSJ and whom made a killing overseas helping socialist societies like Greece keep the Big Socialist Lie going with accounting tricks.

    The frank truth is that OWS was doomed to fail from the start, and not because they will prove useful idiots. It’s because they were idiots to begin with. Whenever it seems they have an idea to put forward, it’s the usual peon liberal demands that Authority and Big Government solve the problems inflicted by Authority and Big Government. The same Big Government that gave us pointless wars, Government Sachs, and Fed-inflicted Great Recessions can be trusted to “take profit out of the health care system”. What geniuses. We can’t wait for them to “coalesce” around the Demorat Party and “refine their message”.

  • Next time, you might want to embed a video where the progressive arguing in favor doesn’t get his ass kicked.

    Public employees are under-compensated, woe is them. And yet the blue states are drowning in red ink because of said compensation. Derp.

    I also literally ROFLed when the guy whined “If it wasn’t for that darn housing crash…”. If the blue states/unions were so over-leveraged that they needed the overheated housing market and insane property taxes just to stay afloat, then one word comes to mind: “INEVITABLE”.

    As an independent, some free advice for you progressives: come to reason on this issue quickly before more damage is done to your union special interests.

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    With all due respect to the progressives here, as an independent this is a pretty good example of why that assh*le lost my vote for good. Indies like me supported the public option, or at least some change that doesn’t benefit those directly opposed to it. This is not it.

    To be honest, Oblahma did us a favor. He brought us to our senses and reminded us why most of us utterly hate the DemoRAT party. The Republicans’ bigotry and loopiness is grating and tiresome, but in the end mostly sad ignorance. The mendacious, loathsome DemoRATS prove time and time and time again that they prefer only ideology, policy, and political “victories” that leave you further and further dependent on them, and them alone.