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    What would happen if we all went to our election boards and withdrew our Democratic registrations in protest? There must be a way to send the message that if the Dems are going to renig on the New Deal that we are leaving. I am sick and tired of being taken for granted and counted [...]

  • But it has now emerged that her demagogic tone may have unintentionally encouraged white supremacists to go even further

    It was never unintentional. Remember her use of the term “Obamacare-lovin’” in her description of the Dem legislators in her crosshairs? I will never forget the hateful faces leaning out the schoolbus window yelling “N-lovin’ Liberal” at me when I was in elementary school.

    Her dog whistle is never far from her lips.

  • I love it! Crash a cocktail party. And it wouldn’t need to be just in DC. Anywhere our sorry Sens or Reps are swilling with the fatcats, whoring for $$$! Instead of ‘what’s in YOUR wallet?’ we need an equally memorable short and sweet slogan.

    They probably all pay less in taxes than you or I do.

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  • I’m proud to have paid my share of taxes to help make all those things possible. I’m fortunate enough to have the resources to continue to pay taxes to make it possible for others to benefit in future from the same.

  • C&L please excuse me for grabbing this section…

    “The Guardian has a thorough report that everyone should read:

    HSBC has joined the least desirable club in the business world. The bank yesterday became the latest target of a sudden surge in public fury over tax avoidance, as a guerrilla group of demonstrators under the elusive banner UK Uncut planned to occupy branches in London and Liverpool.

    A “sleep-in” at an HSBC in Covent Garden was intended to highlight government cuts to housing benefit. UK Uncut, which has capitalised on a wave of activism sparked by student tuition fees, claims such cutbacks could be avoided if companies such as HSBC, Vodafone, Topshop and Boots paid a fairer share of tax.

    HSBC is accused of seeking a deal with the Inland Revenue to lower its tax bill by £2bn, allegedly following in the footsteps of a dispute between Vodafone and the taxman in which the mobile phone company negotiated a disputed claim down to £1.25bn. Emi Summers, a spokesman for UK Uncut, claims businesses are securing “dodgy backroom deals” with the government: “These companies should be made to pay the full tax so we can save our vital public services from being slashed.”

  • Brad Reed at C&L has a post about a group in GB that is holding sit-ins at HSBC to demand that corporations pay their fair share in taxes “These companies should be made to pay the full tax so we can save our vital public services from being slashed.”

    He thinks we might use this model and I think it is worth considering. Sorry I don’t know how to link and I need to run, but you might take a look. I think it was the opening bell post from this a.m.

  • Would they even notice if we all switched to independent, or would they be relieved? Or can a person just withdraw from a party for the time being? What if the Dem rolls dropped right through the floor, would they start to worry that we really might be planning a mass strike during the next election, or that we might just vote 3rd party or do write-ins?

    They need to be put on notice that we aren’t falling for their shit any longer. No dollars and no-one on the rolls. Maybe then they pay attention?

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    Bluewombat- I want to get off!!

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    Wigwam – I’m so angry that it took me 3 times to enter my username – I used yours, instead! Roger Hickey is calling for us to flood the WH with everything that we have been flooding them with on every major issue since the Public Option. I have called, faxed and emailed as much [...]

  • sorry – waste

    I think about the unthinkable more and more these days, Lib. I feel so damn helpless, but that is exactly what they want.

  • I agree about the Stewart/Colbert rallies. Worthless. What a wast of all those bodies. That’s when they should have handed out the torches and pitchforks.

  • Called Cooper and Cohen in TN (other TN reps no answer or full mailbox) told staffers my strong opposition and fear that, as Rep Rush Holt said today in Huffpo post, that initiating a payroll tax holiday will lead to federal funding of SS and that it would soon be on the same financial footing at National Endowment for the Arts. This is a SPOS capitulation. I think zombies have killed and eaten Obama and the Dems. I am experiencing a level of hopelessness that I have never felt before.

  • Rep. Rush Holt has a good post at Huffpo in which he lays out the dangers of the 2% tax holiday. He says, and I know this is true, that once we start using federal funds to make up for the payroll tax, Social Security will be on the same financial footing as the National Endowment for the Arts. Obama and the worthless Democrats (most of them) that we have elected are going to see us all in the poorhouse if we don’t stop them.

    Someone in the comments above pointed out something very true and completely overlooked by us civilized, elite progressives is that we should be following the model of the Teabaggers and putting the GD fear of god in the Dems.

    I don’t think it is going to happen unless we take to the streets and misbehave. Maybe we should picket in front of our local television and radio studios. Force them to cover us or not let them in in the damn door. I don’t know how we are going to get the attention of our Reps and Senators, and spread the word about the real and present danger to Social Security if we don’t put some skin into the game.

    Has it always been this bad, or have Obama and the current crop of Democrats gone absolutely batshit crazy?

  • Can you imagine the support Obama would have received if he had been going around the country saying these things over the last few months? Instead he is trotting out Bill Clinton to take the attention away from Bernie Sanders’ heroic effort today?


    He has lost my last measure of respect.

  • GOP: Got. Ours. Pissoff.

  • I’m with you and the French on this one. Axelrod sounds like Rummy, “you go to war with the army you have not the one you wish you had.” What is this “take the world as you find it” shit?

    Time to walk. Away from this sad fucking excuse for Democratic leadership and out to the streets. No more votes for these gd quisling cowards.