• Ebola is so hot, a 70% mortality rate with a short 21 day period to exhibit contagious symptoms; it will naturally die off in a month or two if the hot areas are quarantined and the dead and contaminated wastes are disposed of properly avoid further transmission. But, that takes lots of trained government employees and police. God forbid that government raise taxes to pay for a public health campaign. So, instead, we are on our own. The prudent thing for the foreseeable future is to avoid all human contact except if necessary for food, shelter or energy.

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    German and United States interests are not the same. USA started a civil war on Russia’s border in order to destabilize Russia so Wall Street could loot it once again. On the other hand, German industry needs a stable and relatively cheap source of energy from Russia. Europe wants to end the conflict but the USA continues to push chaos there and the Middle East which could easily escalate to a nuclear war in either region.

    This is Europe’s attempt to knock some sense into Washington DC without mentioning the real issue which is at the heart of the dispute – America’s 21st century wars fought by hired neo-Nazis and Jihadis.

  • Israel is running American foreign policy. Hezbollah, an enemy of Israel, is Syria’s ally; therefore, the USA is trying to overthrow Syria’s elected government. The weird thing it doesn’t even help the US economy. The US gives Syrian rebels Russian made weapons and munition. That is what they are already fighting with. The 500 million dollars in tax money goes from us to Middle East arms dealers.
    What is worse is that in reality we fighting a holy war with 1 billion Muslims. It is unwinnable. This is ignored by both parties and corporate media; there is the whole world to conquer and loot. We are complicit if we vote for anyone who supports this policy.

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    Your tale is the one I remember but may well not be reality. For almost six years I’ve passed the pictures of Shinseki and Obama going to the VA clinics. Next week his will be gone but Obama’s remains. It is a tale of why the USA hasn’t won a war after I was born. [...]

  • The media is in full blown war propaganda mode; not reporting the news. Does anyone know of a Democrat who has protested Americas support of the Right Sector goons marauding through Eastern Ukraine killing civilians?


    This and the Odessa Horror occurred after John Brennan and Joe Biden visited Kiev. They had to have green lighted this. The US government has not stopped the violence nor tried to negotiate an end to the incipient civil war in Europe. Hunter Biden wants more money from his new job with the Ukraine gas company not peace.

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    Supplying Jihadists in Syria and supporting ultra-nationalists in Ukraine are the latest fanning the flames of war by the USA that is spreading chaos across the world. The conquest of Africa and the pivot to Asia against China are next. The stealing of resources is brought to you by our feuding plutocrats feeding their needs [...]

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    The CrossTalk discussion is priceless. It is tragic how far the United States has descended into a Corporatist Military State where reality is denied and news is entertainment. In the Cold War when I was growing up Professors Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer would have been heard on American media not relegated to Russian TV. [...]

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    The Mash-up is crashing together faster and faster; spreading from the Middle East to Ukraine. The Turkish False Flag was intended to involve NATO in the Syria civil war and establish no fly zone which requires an air campaign like Pearl Harbor. But Russian ships are off Syria’s shore. Will they come to Assad’s aid [...]

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    Until the 777 is found we can only speculate. For sure, Malaysian Airline and government have been incompetent. They may have their reasons but at a minimum initially they covered up the possibility that Muslim Malay pilots may have stolen their plane. There has been lots of speculation but absolutely no one has hinted that [...]

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    I like the phrase Middle East Mash-Up – true believers crashing together in the sand with Imams and Rabbis singing in the background. Now that President Roubani has kowtowed to Davos plutocrats, the Great Satan will make peace with Iran. Oil corporations not invested in shale oil or tar sands are intent on obtaining access [...]

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    This history explains a lot. There are a few 21st century tweaks. First, thanks to nuclear weapons; the oligarch funded street revolutions have been limited to non-nuclear nations; Egypt, Ukraine, Thailand. Limited War is a profit center that is metastasizing through Africa and the Middle East into South Asia. Second, the neo-plutocrat is a trans-national [...]

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    According to this article, it’s not like the brakes are held in place by giant springs; they are pressed by air pressure from the reservoir tanks. What happens when that runs down? Evidently, the brakes eventually let go.

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    Thanks. The media will ignore the cause of the death of a town; deregulation. Just like a commercial airliner, a train requires a two man crew at a minimum. A one man crew due to human error or fatigue will make mistakes that a second person would correct. In this case the engineer did not [...]

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    I agree. Money has always talked but now it dictates. Symptoms of a corporate controlled state are the servicing of only wealthy stakeholders, not the people, together with the collapse of the rule of law. Jon Corzine and MF Global will never be indicted for stealing 1.2 billion dollars from American farmers. Too Big to Fail CEOs can risk everything to get big bonuses financed by free money from the Fed.

    Corporate Propaganda continues marketing that the USA is the best of all possible worlds even with youth unemployment at 22%.