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    Pretty weird. I wasn’t attacking Tbogg. I disagree with his position, which is a different thing. OTOH, clearly you don’t have much tolerance for dissenting views, which is probably why the Democratic party is in such disarray, and why we haven’t had a DOJ worth the initials for just about 12 years now.

    The fact remains: as long as taken-for-granted demographics contionue to vote as they always have, no change is possible. As the saying goes: only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expects the results to be different.

    If the shoe fits……..

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    No, it’s not like getting cancer so you can lose a few pounds.

    No prosecutions for financial shenanigans.
    No prosecutions for Torture and CIA misdeeds
    A castrated DOJ that has literally allowed every one of Bush’s transgressions to stand
    The worst record of filling vacancies of any president……ever.
    Cited more instances of the “States Secrets” defense than any other president………ever.
    One could go on like this forever.

    We’re not talking “fsutrated progressivism” here. We’re talking a Republican by any other name.

    This is more like already having cancer but allowing doctors to hand us a false diagnosis so we can feel better as we shrivel up and die anyway.

    Tbogg, I hate to say this but you’ve been co-opted. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 3,017,486,244.53 times shame on me.