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    Let’s keep our eyes on the real prize…the lovely black soil of the Ukraine, breadbasket of Europe. The whole reason for the fascist coup is that Yanukovich turned down the EU’s lousy $615 million assistance offer in favor of Russia’s $15 billion offer (aside from the basic idea that it might be a good idea to [...]

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    he ongoing, incessant willingness to deny reality in 2014 and continue to worship at the shrine of Supply Side/Trickle Down/Free Market shysterism is astonishing at best.

    Not really. The whole point of the Powell Memorandum was to identify centers of resistance (academia, the media, the pulpit) and co-opt them, to transform them from being checks on [...]

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    I don’t understand…the Department of “Justice” is prosecuting lawbreakers? What happened to the ever-so-civilized protocol of levying a miniscule fine on the offenders, to paid for out of future profits? This never would have happened if Eric Holder was alive. :(

    I guess “the McDonnell’s” (seriously, three consecutive posters did this) must be this year’s ritual sacrifice at DoJ, before they can get back to wrist-slapping the British Petroleums and Goldman Sachses of the world. Should have incorporated, Bob & Mo! Being a private citizen is dangerous in Corpotopia, dontcha know?

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    how does a guy lose the Vice Presidency in an election, and write the budget of the winning party?

    The same way that Simpson & Bowles saw their proposals rejected by the Catfood Commission, yet still enshrined as the “Democratic” framework for fucking over poor people, er, “budget reform”. You don’t have to win to [...]

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    Can we get 60 cases of Bacardi to fall on Obama? No? Darn. $10.10 an hour? (Sure to be compromised down to $8.50 or so.) Big freakin’ whoop. How about $30/hour? Oh, wait, that would allow workers to participate in the economy…couldn’t have that. Back to the fields, wage-slaves! But don’t worry, Obama’s Enterprise/Empowerment/Tax Giveaway /”Promise Zones” [...]

  • May I repeat again, that you’re a moron.

    Given that he’s a moron (which I think pretty much everyone in thread bar the moron in question agrees upon), is repeating yourself likely to help? Just wondering.

    The last minimum wage increase, passed in 2007, was larded with $5,000,000,000 in tax cuts for “small” businesses to “offset” the “costs”. I can only imagine what sort of bones the Sweatshop Operators of America are going to get thrown their way this time.

  • Well, years of having his head up Tommy “Lexus and Olive Tree” Friedman’s ass would destroy anybody’s brain cells. Although it’s not as if Keller had a surplus to begin with.

    That said, if Obama promises me that the first head he will crack is going to be Keller’s, I’ll gladly chip in on the tire iron.

  • I haven’t been following as much, but surely erik‘s is a parody post, no? Phrases like “these sorts of unfortunate things” and the regurgitation of the 2009-vintage “not [Serial Killer] Obama’s fault” must surely be jokes, I would think. The use of the sarcastic quotes on “historic and unprecedented” would seem to confirm this.

    (Or are you saying that you know it’s a parody, and you’re just tired of the joke? Hey, we’ve got three more years for the “Killary Klinton ’16″ bandwagon to get even louder, so I think we may have to get used to this sort of humor. JMO.)

    Speaking of quotes…

    “The fact that 212-372-3093 makes a phone call to someone in the 202 area code is known to the telephone company and lots of people.

    A typo by Kevin, or idiocy by Johnson? Just wondering.

    The hearings should make a lovely follow-up to the War Day festivities yesterday. Thrilling to know that African-American fascists are now so rampant…would Hitler be proud or befuddled, do we think?

    Hail, the Obama! Hail, Victory!

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    CapnDunsel, awesome username. Bob Wesley would be proud. As for the 9/11 theorists, come on! Next thing, you’ll be telling me that it’s bizarre that airport security (which had allowed a grand total of one hijacking in the previous 22 years, going back to 1979) suddenly became so lax as to allow not one, not two, [...]

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    The Nazis have won.

    Indeed. Adolf would be proud. Perhaps even envious, given the flogging he took in the court of public opinion, whereas the country that “defeated” him so easily goes around mouthing its homilies to “freedom”. What a sickening hellhole this country is.

  • Ah, classic Obama:

    And by the way, if anybody doubts my sincerity about that, I’ve put forward proposals in my budget to reform entitlement programs for the long haul

    He also refused to answer any questions about prioritization of payment in a default, fobbing those questions off for Secretary Lew’s conference on Thursday, and thus suggesting he’d be fine with Republican “pay the bondholders, fuck the Social Security receipients” approach. And he says that every time he sees Boehner, he chastises Agent Orange for not taking the “Grand Bargain” of 2011.

    So I guess my days of living the high life on my $884/month in Social Security mental health disability funds are gone. Not to go back to threatening suicide the way I used to do every other post (before I got my mood-stabilizer meds), but I still have absolutely zero in savings (understandable given the tiny SS check and the non-existent Section 8 rent voucher I’m theoretically entitled to but will probably never see in my lifetime, given that I can’t even get on a waiting list), this means I’m only four weeks away from missing November’s rent, getting evicted (yet again) and, who knows, maybe not making it to 2014 after all. (TBogg will be so pleased…)

    Thanks, Barry! God bless President Goldman Sachs!

  • And, to the extent that the US media persists in fostering a discussion about The Manhunt and how Snowden didn’t engage in civil disobedience properly cause he fled instead of focusing on his act and whether blowing the whistle is a serious crime, the media are doing a service for the US government.

    “A very well-paid service, thank you very much.” —David Gregory, fanning myself with GE’s money.

    Commentators like The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank

    I believe you misspelled “commentatwhores” there. Don’t you have spell-check, Kev?

    Snowden is to blame for the media’s inability to focus on the content of his leaks instead of speculating about how he has become a traitor or spy

    On a more serious note, I realize that your use here of “inability” (suggesting an unconscious failing, an accidental pattern, something beyond the MSM’s control) may be a wry tweak, but it’s the kind of mischaracterization that can easily be used to deflect the severity of the issue, IMO. There is very little doubt in my mind that Gregory, Hayes, the Morning Schmo crew, Milbank and their compadres know that they are marching in lockstep goosestep with the Obama administration’s desires, and they are scurrying to lick the hand that feeds them like the good little puppies they wish to always be. JMO.

    But, seriously, keep up the good work. Non-existent god knows somebody has to.

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    Oh, certainly Obama will never be part of the solution. But at least the Norwegians can stop being part of the problem.

    (Taking away Kissinger’s “Peace” Prize wouldn’t hurt, either.0

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    Welcome to Hell.

    Or 21st Century Amerika, same difference. What’s really delightful is that there’s no feasible scenario to stop it, either. Cheers!

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    The U.K. is turning into a real hellhole, huh? If they don’t watch out, they could end up like…us.

  • Margo, while you make some interesting points about the details in Verrilli’s brief, these would be easier for us to read if you would make your posts conform to the board’s standard (presumably by using the “reply” box, rather than copy-pasting them from whatever program you are using), so that your paragraphs do not appear [...]

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    The argument is simple: if you don’t get to use the magic word “marriage” on your government paper, then you are by definition a second-class citizen. Whenever some right-wing nutbag comes up with a new way to limit some legal benefit to “spouses’ and deny same-sex partners because they are “only” in a “civil union”, [...]

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    With due respect, I think you are missing EveningStarNM’s point, which is not about whether or not Ms. Muranishi is “overpaid”, but about the disproportionate emphasis on this “scandal” and the agenda that the “outrage” serves. Yes, perhaps the salary should be smaller (although if we took all income earned in the US and pooled it and [...]

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    Yeah, and people might want to stay in government as a career, rather than gathering their credentials and “access” while making sure not to regulate future bribe providers benefactors *too* harshly. You want a public sector that does its job? Weirdo. I mean, $302,000 for running a county with a population of 1.5 million people? The [...]

  • The propaganda is working nicely, ja? Heil, Victory! Heil, Obama!

    If only they could have polled based on the race/religion of the drone targets, I bet the approval ratings would be even higher. Of course, they could also have asked if the dronings of schools, hospitals and funerals to “strike at” “suspected terrorists’ met with Americans’ approval, but we wouldn’t want to trouble the sheeple with minor issues like that nice Mr. President deliberately murdering brown children or anything.

    It’s like the old saying, “you get farther with a smile and sociopathic racist bloodlust than you do with just sociopathic racist bloodlust”. President Peace Prize, everybody! God bless Amerika!

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