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    This whole thing has been 30 years in the sneaky planning, including the Cheney energy thing which forbade regulating fracking (just like some laws deregulated derivatives and forbade any constraints on them). They invaded areas and have now gotten folks too pregnant with dividend checks. Slick piece of stuff — and government which is to protect us just did nothing, not anything.

  • Please, please send me some of what you are smoking. If Obama wins, he has zero use for Democrats, and same if he loses. It will be a miracle if we can preserve the Democratic Party or even if it is worth it.

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    Thanks for alerting us to this site. It is absolutely nothing but the cult of deniac83, nothing more. As others have cited, she has some type of kool aid which the tribal faithful imbibe. What a fruit cake. As for the childish article on classifying “lefties”, it is not worth the time to read it. [...]

  • S&P work for whom? Why the Wall Street banks and hedgefunds, from whom they are taking direction to help tank this presidency in 2012. What other reason could there be, other than utter terminally stupid dumbness–but wait, we have seen and do see that from Wall St perpetually. Occams Razor.

  • Lost in all the blather and back and forth is the simple fact: Obama has pissed on the Democrats social safety nets and security, and thereby totally endangered the future of the Democratic Party, whether he wins or loses. He is the leader or chief of the Democrats and has run from that role like a rabbit. He only wants to get a “Nixon to China” role for the history books, and cares less what happens to the country and people in the middle and lower classes. Already 1/3 of his campaign funds for 2012 are from Wall Street. Is that a hint where his loyalties lie?

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    Why, oh why is ANYONE listening to the lying bastards at Moodys? They were and are a major problem in the ongoing economic crisis. The rating agencies are whores paid by banks. They should be ignored or shut down and their people tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

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    The cult of IBGYBG (I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone) prevails. DOJ and the states AGs are planning a massive fraud, immunizing the banks I think someone wrote. Well, they have not prosecuted anything else. Why start now?

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    These people want to set free all that tax money into the clutches of Wall Street, Pharma and the banks. Think of all that Social Security money invested in stocks, bonds and derivatives. Think of all the Medicare and Medicaid money in the hands of the health insurers and their kin. These people believe in [...]

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    Republican intimidation and voter suppression goes back a long, long way, they learned it from the Democrats of the Sour South.


    Look here for the tale of “Little Billy Rehnquist” in Arizona in 1962 and how he almost went to jail for voter intimidation. Like I said it is bred in the bone.

  • If Obama wins in 2012, he then has little or no use for the Democrats. If he loses in 2012, he has no use for Democrats.

    We are caught up in the crap of “there is no other real choice”, so each one of us has to decide if we want another 8 years of Bush 2.