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    SOUNDS delicious, but you sure could use a good food photographer!

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    What exactly do you mean by “Green Jouse gasses raise sea levels?” Am I missing something…C

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    eCHANomics: I hope this is snark on your part..if not, you’re a clueless idiot just spouting talking points from Faux Noise and Bill O’Really.

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    Does Daniel realize what a GIGANTIC PAYNE IN THE POSTERIOR he sounds like? The shame should be with right-wingers who think like this, NOT hungry poor children. You sir, are a gigantic privileged, clueless, heartless, asshole!

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    Rather than a criminal gang, could this beautifully pulled off robbery indicate the presence of Mossad?

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    Was there really a good reason for featuring such a schmaltzy movie here at FDL? I may have been “popular” but I’m not sure what political content earned it this promotional article.

  • Someone on the news this morning asked the question “How can we prevent these kind of attacks in the future?”…here’s a brilliant idea…how about we just GET THE HOLY MOTHER F*CK OUT of that godforsaken place? We never should have gone in in the first place and we have NO RIGHT being there…nothing good will ever come from our illegal and immoral presence in that den of intrigue and corruption!

  • Please remind me again WHY THE HELL we still have troops getting killed there? The regime in Kabul is totally corrupt and only rules in a few major centers…all the rest is ruled by Taliban and Warlords. Let’s GET OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We never should have gone in in the first place. And nice try trying to hang this around the neck of Obama Bafflebrains, we know who sent the troops in and is responsible for the carnage there and in Iraq…you butt-boy little Bushie.

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    Yeah, Bibi’s so “worried” that he publicly chews out the American President and tells him to buzz off, knowing that won’t affect the cash flowing into Israel and their military the least little bit. I have long loathed this man, but this invasion of Gaza and the wholesale killing of civilians and shelling of UN [...]

  • CBS Evening News last night had an amazing and shocking segment in that hospital and where the Israeli missle landed of bloodied dead and dying children and babies, dads holding the limp bodies of their sons, and grieving mothers and relatives with NONE of the usual “it’s both side’s fault” BS. My jaw dropped the whole time. GOOD ON YOU CBS! Did anyone else here see that segment?

  • Yeah, that would really fix things Chuckie….so there would be NO challenges from the right or left to the perfidy of the two “bought and sold” parties. He says this in SPITE of the fact that it’s the Republican candidates who are mostly affected by the far right Tea Party challenges….the Dims just ignore and diss any challenges from more progressive candidates.

    Take them glasses and shove them where the sun don’t shine Schumer! Chuckie’s ass belongs to the big financial corporations in New York and his main job in the Senate is to protect their power and positions

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    Billie Joe McAllister JUMPED OFF the bridge!

  • Do the Israelis realize how loathsome and criminal this looks to the whole rest of the world?

    Whatever the “outcome” of this invasion will be, it will make Israel even more of a PARIAH state then it is now. I’m 70, and for two thirds of my life I had a great deal of sympathy for the state of Israel, having been born right at the end of WWII, where they were killed mercilessly by the Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. These days THEY HAVE BECOME what they once hated and feared…a FACIST state!

  • I’ve lived in CA about half my life…LA, bay area and Humboldt, and I feel the same way about Jefferson seceding that I do about the South…go ahead and MAKE MY DAY! The good folks of Jefferson would find out real fast that the state funds they get from the more affluent areas would disappear, and “Jefferson State” would wither on the vine.

  • I read somewhere else ole Andy is trying to back-pedal away from the reasons for this amendment…I suspect he’s gotten quite a bit of “feedback” in his own state. He also opposes the right of the people in DC (except for the politicians from other states of course) to VOTE! He’s a real clown and jerk.

  • Hope people have noticed the “30% Rule”….in every poll, in every election, with every bill, there’s ALWAYS 30% who vote FOR something no matter how lame brained, and against something, no matter how important and positive. They are the great unwashed, clueless, mean-spirited redneck base.

  • From your idiotic comments, I can see why you call yourself BSBafflesBrains…you don’t have the brains you were born with. I suspect they leaked out your ears.

  • Good news….I really loathe the man. He’s a total opportunist and one of the most cynical officials in the country. He cares nothing for working people, and has done everything in his power to break the teacher’s unions there in Chicago.

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    I hate to be negative here, but L’Amour was a bit of a western hack writer. Easy reads with the good guy against the bad guys, and you could always count on a few showdowns where the bad guys get their asses kicked or shot, and the good guy always rides off into the sunset [...]

  • Why can’t they just block off access for food to the ranch, and cut off it’s electricity? (I suspect the Bundy ranch has it’s own well.)

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