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  • The Masters of the Universe are no longer enamored of the bracing benefits of competition, and the healing tonic of creative destruction?

    Boo hoo.

    Perhaps it is time to try mutually beneficial economic relations.

  • Watson commented on the blog post Super Committee Preparing Decent Burial

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    I haven’t followed the Super Committee’s machinations too closely, but might it be said that the Dems failure to agree with the Super Committee Repugs is one of the few good things that the Dems have done in the age of Obama?

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    The most powerful people in the world (the banksters) want the debt ceiling raised. They will make certain that a sufficient number of Repubs vote to raise it.

    The Dems do not have to accept any linkage to benefit cuts.

  • In his April speech on the deficit, Obama used the word ‘we’ repeatedly, but only to refer to his identity as an American, never to refer to his membership in the Democratic Party.

    I know that Dem is a damaged brand, but that’s partly his fault. If the Dem Party needs to be reformed or disbanded, let’s put the reasons on the table.

    Meanwhile, Obama needs a primary to remind him which party and whose interests he’s supposed to be representing.

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    I’ll concede that Obama is the lesser evil if they’ll concede that he’s evil. /s

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    I think that default will not automatically produce a catastrophe. In fact, it could demonstrate that a government in which the public has confidence can roll-over, re-organize, and re-finance debt far more effectively than the private sector. Of course, given that our financial sector is in the greedy grasp of the banksters, it’s very possible that default [...]

  • Pet peeve: I don’t think that people should be disparaged because they reside in trailer parks. If we’re gonna generalize, the people who live in mansions are probably less admirable.

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    With respect, I agree that the auto bailout was good policy, but only in the context of our disastrous trickle-down orthodoxy.

    Those federal funds could have delivered jobs and stimulus without being a corporate welfare program to help GM try to catch up to Ford in selling pickup trucks.

    The bankster-induced crisis was an opportunity to move US industry toward green technology and the production of vehicles for mass transit.

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    I’m a left-hander who tends to use his right hand to operate a remote control, but I think that the only thing we know for sure is that the US says it killed OBL on May 1, 2011.

    Police and military routinely employ deception in describing their ops – e.g., to confuse the enemy, and to protect sources and methods. There is no reason to believe any particular of this story, mainly because by their account they did not take OBL alive for interrogation, and immediately disposed of his remains without autopsy or other documentation.


    The fact that OBL was a bad person doesn’t make me, you, Bush, or Obama a good person. The self-congratulations is making me nauseous.

    Obama deserves less credit for getting OBL than the Steinbrenners deserve when ARod hits a home run.

    Bin Laden was apparently a devout believer, which by Western standards constitutes a complete moral defense. A serious ‘war on terror’ would discourage the magical thinking promoted by organized religion. Like cigarettes, organized religion should be permitted but discouraged. We should run public service ads emphasizing the negative consequences of religion such as obscurantism, division, conflict, violence, and terrorism.

  • Big thanks and kudos to Jane and the FDL crew for taking this on!!!

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    They are saying that they have the wife and daughter of OBL in custody.

    I assume that the torture apologists will recommend that they be tortured, ideally in the presence of each other, to produce high value info for the GWOT.

  • The claim that OBL used his wife as a human shield is not necessarily true.

    Part of the US goal is to discredit him. (It reminds me of the fabricated claim that Gov. Spitzer kept his socks on when he was with the prostitutes.)

    The only thing we know for sure is that the US said that it killed OBL on 5/1/11.

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    The ticking-bomb scenario is employed to justify the use of torture to prevent a future catastrophe.

    But once torture is justified, it’s used to go after any important information, in this case the identity of the author of a past catastrophe.

  • Structured finance. Off-shore banking. Off-books accounting.

    How brazen!

    The CEOs and their accountants have made the priests and the lawyers look respectable.

  • Obama thinks that the need to raise the soon-to-be-reached debt ceiling is an Econ 101 no-brainer.

    So friends-of-Barry financial geniuses such as Simpson, Geithner, Bernanke, Summers, Dimon, and Immelt will be out front leading the campaign to do so, right?

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    If Obama was really a liberal, he would be leading the fight in Wisconsin against union busting. And he would use the opportunity to revive the Employee Free Choice Act. The point should be made that unions help all workers. It’s harder to sell the union case when it only helps workers paid by tax dollars.

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    Paper ballots are not an absolute guarantee, but their casting and subsequent custody are much more readily verifiable. And the verification of the process can be performed by lay people. Verification of computer balloting can be done only by a handful of technicians for whom the voters have no basis of trust.

  • I’d prefer voting on clay tablets to using touch-screen machines.

    Give me a system that lay people can supervise – tangible, preservable, reviewable paper ballots placed in clear plastic boxes.

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    It seems to me that Obama is quite intelligent, but that he often appears dim because he’s an opportunist whose pronouncements are limited to praise for American exceptionalism, hegemony, and trickle-down economics.

    I think that above all he sees himself as a member of the establishment, keen to refute any suggestions that he may be radical or populist.

    He seems content with discharging the ceremonial functions of the presidency, ready to sign off on whatever policies that the various factions of the ruling class may agree on.

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    President Obama is probably proud of the torture of Bradley Manning, because it demonstrates that Obama, like Egypt’s Omar Suleiman, is not ‘squeamish’ in advancing the Pentagon’s agenda.

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