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  • I have found multiple articles discussing repressed reporting of second shooters at Aurora and Newtown, suggesting false flag work to undermine the 2nd Amendment. This would be consistent with the indefinite detention legislation and reports of mass acquisition of ammunition and armored vehicles by DHS, as well as FEMA camp reports, and a 300-page leaked document Army manual #3.39-40 for Internment and Resettlement detailing camp administration procedures.

  • How is it a failure of creative thinking to have the Comptroller of the Currency instruct the national banks to stonewall the 50 state Attorney General foreclosure fraud investigation? Or to tell the American people in whispered tones of amazement that the Federal Gov’t is putting together a crack 55 member task force to tackle a financial crime wave 70 times the size of the Savings & Loan scandal that required 1,000 investigators to resolve? Brilliant!

  • Are you thinking there is some moral authority the banks have to tell people to suck it up and live with their own bad investments? Cuz that MA is toast as of $29.6 trillion in bailouts, and the only reason homeownership has ever been a bad investment is because of abuses by banks and financial entities.

    Working Americans did not blow up and pop the bubble, did not ask to be given subprime loans when they qualified for prime, did not pay the ratings agencies for fraudulent securities assessments, nor are they responsible for many other fiscally unsustainable policies such as the completely gratuitous invasions of foreign countries, and the unfunded Medicare Part D, among others.

    In addition, if every underwater homeowner scored their lost equity plus $100K, the economy would instantly heal itself with the sudden surge in debt fulfillment and demand for consumer goods and services. Whereas, in the case of more institutional bailouts, all we get is fat and happy One Percenters who think they’re All That when they’re really just a bunch of greedy morons trashing the planet for shits and giggles.

    What tickles me the most is how the 1% congratulate themselves for their aesthetic refinement with $50 million art pieces when all they do all day is ruin and trash and desecrate the one planet that is their only home. For instance, there is a way to clean up the Gulf of Mexico called OSE II that the EPA refuses to permit because the cleanup would involve an accurate assessment of the oil spill and a larger fine for BP. What a bunch of assholes.

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    Here’s Schneiderman’s website for contact. http://www.oag.state.ny.us
    I wrote to them to recommend that the entire office should all dress in leather, studs and heels this week, and that I would start a sympathy pageant in my town if they did. Back me up people!

  • Cordray is desperate for a job — that’s why they picked him.

  • I smell low-cost liberal/progressive appeasement. Just like when they repealed DADT right when Obama’s ass was in a sling for continuing the Bush tax cuts.

  • Dear Eger: Were you drunk when you wrote this? Aren’t you paying attention? The TSA is expanding to buses, trains, roadside and public places and events with Behavior Detection Officers. Obama has bombed 5 countries; Gitmo is open and torture is little abated; the Bush tax cuts have been extended, in a way that leaves [...]

  • We’ll see if Thigpen’s integrity survives the “special policy briefing with senior White House and Administration officials”. I’m concerned he’ll go in Eliot Spitzer and come out Tom Miller.

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    It was written: “The International Monetary Fund and a number of Western diplomats believe that the wrongdoers must be held to account in order to restore Afghans’ faith in the banking system, including criminal prosecutions.”

    How nice, the esteem for rule of law in application to Afghanistan’s finance sector! We should try that here in the US

  • Please sign me onto the letter. Wat Stearns, Peterborough, NH 03458, soulipsis at gmail dot com.

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    Unfortunately, the WI Constitution doesn’t say the police can’t prevent entry to the capitol.

    Article I, §4 – ANNOT.
    The legislature cannot prohibit an individual from entering the capitol or its grounds. 59 Atty. Gen. 8.

    Article I, §4 – ANNOT.
    Section 947.06, Stats. 1969, which prohibits unlawful assemblies, is constitutional. Cassidy v. Ceci, 320 F. Supp. 223.

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    The parasitic elite know the collapse is coming, so they’re sucking us dry as fast as they can before they retreat to their gated fortresses for the duration. They’re comfortable they can befuddle and bullshit everyone for three more years until there is no functioning Federal government to hold them accountable for the massive fraud [...]

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  • I have looked around the internet, and quickly found two websites, Townhall.com and BusinessInsider.com, that were carrying the TakeBack20 campaign rhetoric from Sarah Palin’s PAC, in order to see what the echoes in the right wing chamber were sounding like, and what kind of intent was being conveyed to their audience. The claim in much of the mainstream media, who are as a group known to be soft on hard right society in order to keep their corporate advertising stream intact and to avoid accusations of liberal bias, is that the rifle scope crosshairs image and accompanying rhetoric should be considered a common ambiguous metaphor, open to interpretation, and therefore not grounds for any accusation against its authors in the Giffords shooting.

    What I found seems to be a matrix of language that would very easily, in sum, be interpreted by violently predisposed individuals as encouragement to attack. Politics is the sphere of activity where the energies of society are interpreted and directed into action. Therefore, highly charged political language carries a high impetus for action in the constituent audience. If such action goes awry, of course, it can precipitate culpability on the part of politicians, and thus we have the art of ambiguous language which the speakers hope will serve as sufficiently indirect incitement for people to vote but not to take direct action.

    In this process, metaphorical images may lose their ambiguity when accompanied by additional specific descriptive terms. These additional descriptors serve to exclude some of the possible activities being referred to by the primary image of the metaphor. In this case, the crosshairs image ambiguously refers to at least shooting, surveying or use of scientific scopes. But the ambiguity of crosshairs becomes more specific from the accompanying language, including the words “reloading” and “knocking off Democrats” (Townhall.com), or “sniper” (BusinessInsider.com). Since one doesn’t reload or knock anyone off when engaged in surveying or scientific research, when these terms are added to the discussion that eliminates the other possible interpretations of the image besides shooting, and changes the metaphor into a description, or perhaps a subliminal imperative in the listening of an unstable person who might be uncomfortable in their lifestyle and looking for dramatic input to improve their personal experience.

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    I have the impression that Loughner was upset because previous communications with Gifford did not entail the response he desired. I’m sensing fucked up Mommy issues with this guy. Triggered by a hate filled culture, yes, but I suspect his choice of target was not political as much as it was personal. A personal note in his living quarters said “Bitch!” That seems intense, but not so political. I wonder if Giffords looks at all like his mom.

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    The problems are poverty and education. So many people don’t have the time and the intellectual capacity to experience colloquy as an effective remedy for their problems.

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    I think there are some legitimate reasons to be afraid in the United States today, not least the clearly demonstrated contempt for the Fourth Amendment by two successive Presidential administrations, one of them Democratic. I support licensing, and rules that exclude from ownership people with a history of psychological instability. But the criteria for gun [...]

  • So what? The Democrats suck. You can’t even say they suck less than Repugnicans, they just suck differently.

    We need election reform, along the lines of the proposals in this petition, so that Congress will obey the people not corporations: http://www.petitiononline.com/PoliTru3/petition.html.

    If we act together now, maybe we can still save our country.

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    Here is a petition for U.S. federal election reform, so that Congress will obey the people not corporations: http://www.petitiononline.com/PoliTru3/petition.html.
    If we act together now, we can still save our country.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    Here is a petition for U.S. federal election reform, so that Congress will obey the people not corporations: http://www.petitiononline.com/PoliTru3/petition.html.
    If we act together now, we can still save our country.

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