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  • My gut says that they had gathered dirt on lots of politicians during the Bush years and used it when necessary. Too many people have given lip service to one of side of the argument and then reversed, some of the issues moral… like war. It feels to me like people have been strong armed. It has continued to stick in my mind, the look on Obama’s face when he gave his first presidential speech, regarding the financial situation with the banks. He said that the country had been taken hostage. There was something in his eyes, when he said it, that I filed away. I think those who knew this stuff, kept the info from Obama for as long as they could and used it. I think they have been using it since 9/11. I think they may have used it to get the votes to go to war with Iraq and in many other situations where there were votes that made no sense.

    I don’t buy the contrails…deal…that’s how I know my hubby has an issue. And maybe I do too. I think that the original Cheney cabal has been going on for a long time. And I believe he did not let an election get in the way of his control. I believe he held on to as much as he could.

    Between Bush and Cheney, you know there is a lot of dirt. None of their dirt is ever, ever, published or leaked. Which makes me believe they have been in control all along. Obama always looks like a guy playing wack a mole.

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    I had two episodes of heart pain (my mother has full on heart disease with pace maker, first heart attack age 35) that I did not attend to when I was not insured. I laid on the couch and hoped the pain would either get so excruciating that I had to go, or that it [...]

  • My husband is likely certifiably paranoid. He will rarely use his cell phone. He won’t get on the internet. He runs our wifi through the cable instead of the air for fear it can be hacked. He believes that the contrails in the air are chem trails of the government trying to poison us. He has been telling me for years to be careful of what I write on the internet.

    (the funny thing is that he has been known to visit a porn site occasionally, he’s gonna FREAK!)

    I really hate it when he’s right.

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    This is what trauma and war does to the human brain. It makes you think and process life’s problems almost entirely through the emotional part of the brain. Processing ceases to be “whole brain”. You can still use the cognitive part of the brain, but it is fragmented from the feelings (and immune system) part. [...]

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    I am a mental health therapist. I spend my time working with trauma survivors of war at home and war of the worlds. In either case, we teach DBT skills that were designed to combat the personality disorder “borderline” because the basis of that therapy is understanding what “invalidation” does to mental health. Invalidation (minimize, [...]

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    Yep!!! Been waiting for someone to make this clear. This is international and does not support this country or its people. This group is about money, greed, and the power to sustain it.

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    Warren Buffett loves nebraska. I have a hard time believing that he would put the pipeline over the acquifer or ruin the farms of folks in ne. It goes against his image. He helped to make sure that nuclear waste was not buried in nebraska years ago. I have a wait and see attitude. I [...]

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    I would like to help…can you set up an account. You don’t need help for ever…this is a finite amount until you can find government housing. It won’t be forever…it makes sense that we can help you bridge the gap…Please let us help you. I have needed and taken help in my life. I need [...]

  • I have been saying for years that we had an economic terrorist attack that gave the shadow gov’t linked to the middle east, more power. It was clear to me during the mortgage debacle that we were no longer a nation of laws and that someone other than our govt was in charge. They used [...]

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    My grandfather was a doctor.I still remember him warning us as children that the over use of antibiotics was going to be the biggest problem we would face in medicine in the coming years. He is gone now…but he would have been horrified to know that his grand daughter, contracted a MRSA infection in a [...]

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    Done. What more important sacrifice is there than to try to stop or arrest an illegal war or illegal behaviors of war?

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    Unemployment for long periods of time, kills union membership. you can’t pay dues when out of work for over a year. Furthermore target funds were abolished, where they collected money to use to augment the bidding process so they could do more with less bid. Union pride and getting people working is all that is needed.

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    “If he wrote it, I read it.” Somehow his writing always conveyed who he was. What kind of person he was, his passion, what he cared about. Authentic. Ugh. I didn’t want to know this…and yet, so to see all these folks, it really is like attending a virtual funeral. To see so many of [...]

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    The way he spoke to both women in that discussion was masogynistic and bullying. I know he does it with others too, but his tone, his interruptions, his talking over, his yelling all denote a complete lack of respect for the women in the discussion. He’s a misogynistic bore.

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    When my kids were toddlers we used to sing “you can’t always get what you want”. Today they hate that tune, though, we still love to sing it and laugh as they tell us to stop!! Yah, we are all on board, we don’t know how to change it. We the little people don’t know [...]

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    A paradigm shift occurs like a bowl of pop corn pops…one by one the kernals pop from all over the pan. Eventually the bowl is filled with pop corn instead of kernals. We are popping…but we have only just begun. It will take heat (truth) oil,(to prevent complete scalding) and time. That’s how it shifts…it [...]

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    It is illegal to have sex with a drunk person. who wants to,? anyone who has had real consensual sex knows the difference. if you get off on “getting away” with sex, you are a rapist. its about control, not mutually enjoyed. some sickos dont know the difference.

  • There are so many stories about these kinds of “purposeful glitches”…It’s just naseating. How can a civilized country allow this to go on…it’s economic terrorism.

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    There is a metaphor we use in our groups, called the island. The island is basically a metaphor for disconnection. It is the physical and emotional act of “not being present”, We can put ourselves “on the island” by being in our head, or getting drunk or buzzed, by isolating or by thinking that we [...]

  • This is what gmac did after Katrina…and many areas ended up blighted as a result. Disgusting. And then there will be fees, and fees and the banks will look very rich on the books and then there will be a moment in time when these issues must be reconciled or we can just keep looking the other way as the banks blight our country.

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