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  • “Remember the ground rules are that you don’t get to assume that O’bama is King of the United States.”

    No, of course, he isn’t. He’s just the new head of Murder, Inc., deciding personally whom to kill, based on PowerPoint slides and wild guesses, and regardless of who else or how many get killed at the same time.

    Oh, wait: it say’s he’s “judicious” about it, and takes “moral responsibility” when he kills innocent civilians.

    So, he’s Tony Soprano with a law degree and fewer qualms about killing women and children.

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    Why do you hate African-Americans? Huh? Well…?

    You really want to go there? Fine.

    The Trayvon Martin killing brings back some very horrid memories for me. I was involved with a black woman for 17 years (married for the last 8). She lost a brother to — well, let’s call it “institutional violence”, since I can’t legally say otherwise. While we were waiting for the morgue to pick up the body, I had to face down five white NYPD officers who wanted to cuff his brother for threatening suicide, while he was already in an EMT vehicle, on a gurney, with 3 EMTs and his father.

    So don’t you dare lecture me — even sarcastically — about concern for African-Americans, especially those who are victims of violence, just because I think maybe Obama lacks a tad in the intestinal fortitude category.

    And, yes, tell me: why was I, a 61-year-old white man, demonstrating in Union Square in a hoodie before Obama said so much as “Boo” on the subject? I signed the family’s petition as soon as I saw any news on the topic at all, about two weeks ago; I presume the President gets news at least as frequently as I do, so where was he (even metaphorically) for the last two weeks?

    I say positive things about Obama when they’re warranted. Hell, look at my first comment in this thread; I’m defending him. Over at Charlie’s place, I was the first commenter to bring up what the President said about his own son (Charlie focused on the Justice Dept. and Gov. Scott).

    Good for him for saying that — but please don’t tell me it’s some kind of big deal. Fer crissakes, Eisenhower nationalized the Arkansas National Guard AND called out the 101st Airborne to get nine little girls in school when Gov. Faubus wouldn’t let them. (And, as you may recall, he was a Republican.)

    But when are you, TBogg, ever going to say that Obama was wrong or made a mistake or is something less than a saint? Not now, not when he orders extrajudicial assassinations of Americans, not when he won’t even propose a public option, not when he appoints to run the economy the same Moe, Larry, and Curly who drove it into the ditch in the first place. Is there anything he could do or say that you wouldn’t defend? I’m asking in all seriousness.

    Also, too: thanks for completely ignoring every point I made re Sharpton. Guess your only response was ill-advised sarcasm because you can’t respond with facts. But seriously, if you think Al Sharpton is still some kind of signifier in NYC, much less the country, you are woefully misinformed.

    T — if I may be informal — I love your blog, the bassets, and (of course) Shakira’s ass (hell, I went into the voting booth in 2008 reminding myself to “do it for Shakira’s ass”). Yours has been the first blog that I read every day for well over 5 years. I am really disappinted that you responded in that manner.

    BTW, I am not at all interested in a pissing match or flame war, with you or anyone else, so this will be my last comment on this thread.

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    Oh, please. Al Sharpton lost his street cred years ago. Among other things, he’s had a bromance going with Mayor Bloomberg, that well-known radical, since at least the Sean Bell shooting in 2007. (Actually, to be precise, Sharpton calls it “mutually beneficial flirting”.) Maybe it’s because of the $110,000 his National Action Network got from Education Equality Project, a Bloomberg-funded nonprofit.

    And he’s your go-to guy on whether or not this is newsworthy as “racial controversy”? And the criterion for when Obama should weigh in? Why don’t you just ask Michael Steele or Alan Keys?

    I’m glad Obama finally said something. And, hopefully, the observation about his own son might prompt him to develop a spine on this topic. But a profile in courage, it ain’t.

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    Just like that Obama, to tell us that white sons aren’t good enough for him and he would never have one. Obviously, he’s a racist.

    Since nobody has linked to it, I can’t tell if the hoodie-related comments are in response — but Geraldo actually said this, out loud and with a straight face.

    Follow-up: Geraldo’s real-life son thinks his father’s a dick.

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    That’s Robert Alexander Dumbass, silly.

    Not only are you sexist, but you are also uncivil.


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    Scritches, bitchez!

    Isn’t the correct form of that something like this?

    Scritches. Bitchez. Get some.

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    I have a similar feeling, but it’s more akin to nausea. I should probably note that I am a NYC-dwelling Jets fan (sort of — it’s kind of hard to root for a team so dysfunctional, to put it mildly).

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    Good to know that the Woody Johnson crew running the Jets still hasn’t lost its touch. After all, what makes more sense than signing Mark Sanchez to a 3-year extension (including $20.5 million in guarantees), and then trading for another (supposedly) first-string QB 10 days later?

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    no real distinction between resisting burglars, foreign invaders or domestic tyrants

    So, Professor, which of those categories encompasses “fucking coons” and “assholes” who “always get away”?

  • Doesn’t it go “plop” when the sphincter muscles relax?

  • Hey, if you’re writing jokes for the Mittster, that needs to be at least “$50,000″ in each reference.

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    THIS is clearly the reason they had not-so-Breitbart offed. Because you just know he would have videos revealing the whole truth.

    That these videos would have been doctored, fabricated, and/or not released for 20 years after the fact merely proves my point.

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    Or his head will actually pop off.

    Ya gotta wonder: does Peyton need the money that badly, or is he just tired of playing “Let’s count our Super Bowl rings” with Eli?

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    Ever since you called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, I figured I might be next.

    Because Rush Limbaugh called you a slut?

    Well, Bristol dearie, if Limpballs ever does call you a slut, I am pretty sure Obama will call you next.

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    True. They were so smart, they probably even knew the difference between “due process” and “judicial process”.

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    “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.”

    Let’s pare that down to its essentials:

    “ladder is climbed by stepping on rungs”

    No wonder the wingnuts think she’s a genius. She probably even knew the recipe for ice cubes.

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    As someone who actually IS hardcore into baseball sabrmetrics, I can tell you that he’s nowhere near smart enough to figure any of that out, much less know how to use WAR properly.

    Keyboard Kommandos is most likely the limit of his prowess (well, and paintball).

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    WAR. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    From Mr. Tough Guy’s profile:

    my favorite adrenaline rush is paintball. I used to compete on a paintball team. Love it. On the paintball field, I will “kill” you.

    Watch out, TBogg. You might get covered in paint.

    Also, too: I thought the Breitbrats were all into #war to prove how butch they are. Guess Mr. Brooks still isn’t one of the kool kids, since he forgot his hashtag.

  • Re Chelsea Clinton: it was actually worse than you say; she was 12 when Limpballs first made the “White House dog” joke.

  • The thing that starts its comments with “Do you suck your mother’s d**k with that mouth?” is complaining about someone else’s intellect?

    Cognitive dissonance much, genius?

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