• “The ruling class is on the defensive and all of their dirty tricks make a weak offense.”

    Likewise, your language and false accusations make a weak offense.

    I don’t know about his trip to Africa, but statements like this – “he spoke to a hired crowd behind bulletproof glass in Germany” – are a disservice to any point you are trying to make.

    If you want to get an idea of the German reaction to Obama’s visit, check out this article from Der Spiegel: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/german-press-reactions-to-us-president-obama-berlin-visit-a-906894.html It provides reaction from a variety of viewpoints

    The author actually gives a very good account of how many of us despised Liberals feel about the president that shows that we are far from being in lockstep with his policies.

    “The audience ate it up. Sure there is concern in the country about Obama’s drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is widespread disgust with the mind-boggling extent of online surveillance undertaken by the National Security Agency. There is also a good bit of disillusionment stemming from Obama’s inability to close down the Guantanamo detention camp. The US president was asked about all of those issues during his stay in Berlin.”

    My point is – don’t make things up(about the “hired crowd,” in this case). It’s infuriating and is one of the reasons that some of us are still waiting to find out more about Snowden’s leaks, what has been going on with the NSA, and what will be done about all of this before we get entirely bent out of shape. It has been so easy for those who fear progressives to spread lies and hatred about Obama with a whole network of yellow journalism (Breitbart, Daily Caller, etc etc)

  • G Gordon Liddy?!?

    Try Martin Luther King, Jr. Although his Letter from Birmingham Jail was in answer to criticism of his nonviolent action campaign in Birmingham, the letter also speaks to the terrible conditions in jail.

    And it was just as brave for John Kiriakou to write what he did here as it was for MLK to write his letter directed at people in Birmingham. Liddy? Not so much.