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  • I am shocked that no one understands what is really going on.
    Republicans have wanted to shred the Voting Rights Act for a very long time. The Supreme Court has given very loud hints that it might be receptive to either striking it down completely or trimming it substantially.
    Does anyone think that Republicans like Scott haven’t gotten the word that the court will be very receptive to a challenge to the Voting Rights Act?
    This is a set up. This is exactly the challenge Republicans – and their allies on the Supreme Court – have been waiting for.
    My only question is whether the Court will act prior to this election – in as bald and naked a political act as any they’ve done in the last decade – or whether they will simply put off any decision on the law until after this election.
    I’ve been shocked that everyone, including so-called informed observers, don’t understand what Scott and the Republicans are really up to.

  • It is truly unfortunate that so many prominent African-Americans feel the need to try to quash criticism of Obama by crying racism. As an attorney and a peer – in terms of age, at least – and an African-American male, I can easily brush off such rhetorical bombs. But they tend to have the intended impact: to silence the harshest critics who may feel a twinge of guilt about leveling truly harsh words at our country”s first black president.
    IMHO, Obama deserves most of the harshest words that have been leveled at him – at least coming from progressives – as he has betrayed those who helped to put him into office, time after time after time.
    And the lame words of someone like MHP – is she angling for a job in the administration or on MSNBC? – only highlight his poor performance, by revealing how desperate his flunkies are to shut down legitimate discourse about what he has done and what he has not done.