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    You are absolutely right by stating that “However, I think there are plenty in the “Campaign for a Fair Settlement” coalition who will remain silent and sit on their hands in an election year.”

    That’s why I went on hunger strike and started chain hunger strike to illustrate the urgency for the regulators to ACT!!!

    Hunger Strike!
    Rolling Hunger Strike – Stop Illegal Foreclosures

    Join us in a chain hunger strike to demand the banksters be held accountable for systematic foreclosure fraud against hundreds of thousands of homeowners. On April 6, 2012, Donna Vieira ended her 16-day hunger strike. Tim Nonn (Occupy Petaluma) is continuing the hunger strike, to protest the lack of prosecution of the banks for foreclosure fraud. Tim began on April 6 and will end his leg of the hunger strike on April 13.
    We invite others to participate in the rolling
    hunger strike by signing up for one or more days. If you are interested in participating, please email Donna (donnazao@comcast.net) to be placed on the schedule of hunger strikers.
    Join with members of the Occupy Movement by standing in solidarity with the millions of homeowners who have already been foreclosed or are facing foreclosure. The banks have been given a license to steal our homes by the government. We must demand accountability and criminal prosecutions for these massive crimes that are wrecking families’ lives and our communities.
    (Pictured above in SF AG’s office: Tim Nonn second from the left and Donna Vieira second from the right, along with supporters from Oakland and Sacramento.)
    For more information, please visit these websites:
    No Justice Zone (Donna Vieira)
    Occupy the No Justice Zone
    Occupy Fights Foreclosures
    Occupy Our Homes

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    This is how Wells Fargo originated us a fraudulent mortgage loan. How many such fraudulent mortgage loan Wells Fargo has bundled and sold on the wall street?

    Wells Fargo originated us a fraudulent mortgage loan in 2005.
    Wells Fargo’s fraudulent appraisal valued our home for $718,000.
    Wells Fargo’s review appraisal valued our home for $475,000.
    Nevada Attorney General’s Office suspended the appraiser’s license for
    committing appraisal fraud on our home in 2008.
    We put $151,000 downpayment. Between 2005 and 2009 we paid Wells Fargo
    around $350,000.
    On June 15, 2010, Wells Fargo still foreclosed our home, knowing that it is a Category C felony to make a mortgage loan and foreclose our home based on a fraudulent appraisal.

    On November 3, Wells Fargo demanded us to appear in front of the Judge to state cause why Wells Fargo can’t foreclose our home based on fraudulent appraisal.

    Please sign the petition on our website. http://www.wellsfargomortgagefraud.com and let our voice to be heard.

  • You are right on target by saying that Wells Fargo is lying. I have proof.

    Letter to Wells Fargo Spokeswpman Vickee Adams,

    Dear Ms. Vickee Adams,

    In your recent Wells Fargo’s press release, you declared that “”Our records show that Wells Fargo’s foreclosure affidavits are accurate, When the company finds employees that don’t follow procedure, it takes “corrective action.”

    That’s a lie. I can say for a fact that Wells Fargo made us fraudulent mortgage loan and foreclosed my home based on hugely inflated and fraudulent appraisal and refused to correct its mortgage fraud.
    Wells Fargo teamed up with its attorneys and spent last 4 years in Nevada courts defending its appraisal and mortgage fraud.

    Wells Fargo and its attorneys knew it’s Category C Felony to make mortgage loan based on fraudulent appraisal.

    Wells Fargo and its attorneys knew it’s Category C Felony to foreclose home based on fraudulent appraisal.

    Wells Fargo chose to violate the law and chose to defraud us.
    Hold Wells Fargo Accountable! Save American Dream! Restore banking integrity.

    Please sign the Petition at http://www.wellsfargomortgagefraud.com. Let our voice be heard!